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Dolph Ziggler Injured?, New WWE Roundtable Segment, Booker T Updates

– Booker T was asked on Twitter today if he will ever reunite with Goldust. Booker said that they talk about it all the time, and to never say never. Goldust later replied, saying that he and Booker could capture the WWE Tag Team Titles again soon.

– On a related note, Booker was asked why he’s not still wrestling. Booker said he’s done it all and has nothing left to prove. He then said he wants to finish like he started – strong.

– WWE United States Champion Dolph Ziggler indicated on Twitter that he is suffering from a pulled groin. Ziggler didn’t wrestle on Monday’s RAW but defeated Alex Riley in the SummerSlam dark match.

– WWE On Demand will debut a new Legends Roundtable segment this coming Monday. The panel will be discussing outdoor wrestling mega-events that have taken place in the past.

  • venom

    I think Booker T should be wrestling because I can’t stand hearing him talk during every match.

  • Sammo

    Booker T and Goldust were one of the most entertaining tag teams of all time. Their backstage skits were hilarious – right up there with The Rock and Sock Connection. I’d be all for seeing the pair reunited in tag team action.

    I’m gonna go to YouTube right now and see if I can find the vid where Goldust claims to be Big Show’s father and then smashes him over the head with a lightsaber.

  • DFlo

    The match he did commentary for an Monday was lame, and all the commentary was off the mark, but…I was laughing my ass off at the banter between him and Vicky, even though it totally took away from the match. He was so passive aggressive with her it was funny.

  • Little Jimmy Dudley

    If it gets him off the mic, by all means…get him back in the ring.