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Dolph Ziggler Lies About Jaw Injury, Hugh Jackman Discusses Raw Appearance

— Dolph Ziggler stated Tuesday night on Twitter that he sustained a hairline mandibular fracture of his jaw from the punch Hugh Jackman struck him with on Raw and therefore would wear a mouth guard at this weekend’s live events. reports today that sources close to the WWE Superstar say he made the injury up.

TMZ adds, “There is no MRI and no fracture, although we are told Hugh really did pack a punch and Ziggler was in pain.

“We’re told the WWE wasn’t in on the scam.”

— Award-winning actor Hugh Jackman describes his most recent roles as a star on Raw SuperShow and new film Real Steel in an interview with

— WWE Hall of Famer Howard Finkel appears at tonight’s Florida Championship Wrestling event at the FCW Arena 4535 S. Dale Mabry Hwy. Tampa, Florida. Belltime is 7:00 p.m., doors open at 6:30 p.m. Visit for more information.

  • aircon

    dolph ziggler + john cena + 4randy orton + hhh = need to be fired

  • venom

    I think Jackman was a good host. At least he wasn’t on tv every five minutes.

  • JK Thunder

    I am going to agree with my cousin Joe. Guest celebrity appearances are stupid. I also agree with Jackman pushing Ryder. He has a great foundation as an action hero and a proverbial “man’s man”. Zack Ryder purely is an under-utilized asset. Screw Cena, it’s time for the new blood for WWE champ.

  • voice of reason

    wow a wrestler lying bugger me that’s a first, the wwe are champions of milking an injury anyways if dolph got a broken jaw from that punch i was kind of thinking what a massive glass jaw he had

  • Joe Thunder

    I honestly don’t care for the celebrity guest appearances, but I’m starting to like what Jackman did for Ryder more and more. It was a great way to push Ryder further, and I hope the WWE recognizes just how much talent Ryder has and will push the 26 year old to the top where he has the potential to be.

  • jEnsmo

    So……wrestling insider news sites are now getting their insider news (& insider newbeing corrected) from TMZ? Way to be left in the dust WE 🙁

  • Sammo

    Lies make Baby Jesus cry.

  • Dee durp

    “Scam”, “Lie”…….What? He’s a wrestler selling an on-screen incident.