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Dolph Ziggler Gets Passive Aggressive On The Rock, Nikki Bella Ends Losing Streak

— Dolph Ziggler took a passive aggressive shot at Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson over The Great One’s limited schedule with WWE via Twitter.

A Twitter user wrote to the WWE Superstar this week, “Couldn’t decide which flexforce WWE figure to buy between your action figure and @therock ‘s.. chose the rock in the end!” Ziggler responded, “Typical, just make sure you only play with it 4-5 times a year….”

— After backing Team Teddy at WrestleMania XXVIII, Nikki Bella was put in a match against Beth Phoenix on Friday’s SmackDown while her sister Brie was given the night off. Kelly Kelly distracted The Glamazon at ringside, causing her to lose concentration. Nikki capitalized on the situation by hitting Phoenix with the Bella Buster for the pinfall victory. The victory ends her six match losing streak in televised singles bouts: she last won a singles match on the November 23, 2010 episode of NXT. It was also her first singles victory on either Raw, SmackDown or a pay-per-view event.

Following SmackDown, Nikki wrote on Twitter, “Johnny @GMSmackDown thought he could get a quick one on me but NOPE! Thanks to my girl @RealKellyKelly!” She added Saturday, “So I’m thinking…. #Nikki4DivasChampion.”

  • tombstone

    LOL Dolph! And they should remember 2 of those times they have to play with it via-satellite.

  • Seth

    C’mon it was a good line. He’s in character, and even if he wasn’t. It was still a good line.

  • Zane

    Ziggler wouldn’t dare say shit about The Rock to his face the little pussy he’d get a punch upside his head the skinny little blonde fag and that goes for the rest of the “WWE Talents” who cant be bothered making something of themselves and end up blaming The Rock for their own down falls need to stand up and take responsibility for themselves.

  • SYM

    @Little Jimmy Don’t forget Ziggler got Flopped by Kharma at the Royal Rumble.

  • Little Jimmy

    The Rock’s career highlights: Being One of a very select few who can say they are the best wrestler’s and best guys On the mic. Multi Time Champion, Movie Star,Pop Icon and Yeah he’s a guy who set the standard in WWE.

    Dolph Ziggler’s Career Highlight’s : Was a member of the spirit squad, Was Kerwin White’s caddy, managed by Vickie Guerrero, World Champion for a few minutes and he Looks like an 80’s pornstar .

    *Scratches Head* I wonder who’s better.

  • JustanotherFickleHypocriteWWEfan

    why do people insist on dissing rocky on here, i mean yea to smartly troll fine, but no one, not ever in the iwc are ever going to take off the rose tint glasses. its ok to continually bash the wwe product, cena each and everyday and moan people bash both, yet its ok to preach rocky praises down our throats, lol funny how we become what we hate in others πŸ˜›

    as for no rocky no wwe? well no bruno S, no flair, no hogan, no AA then we wouldnt have anything, hell if wrestling was not invented wed have no industry, just real men actually fighting. always makes me smile at how people get soo wound up about predetermined ‘action’

  • Buttercastle

    “Typical, just make sure you only play with it 4-5 times a year….”

    That’s what she said!

  • fail

    Cc nailed it rock = $. Its like high school all the kids are upset

  • CC

    A reasonably funny comment from Ziggler, but ultimately hollow as I am sure he wont be crying when he cashes his WM paycheque that will be higher than normal purely because the Rock was in the main event.

    You can understand where someone who wasnt on the card might be upset, but anyone on that card made a fucking killing.

  • Robinson

    @billy zane, yes I would BC the rock doesnt need this from apparently professional wrestlers. Hes done it all and has nothing to prove. The rock should just let guys like dolph and Morrison etc. take the company the make the comoany back to what it was ya know. I

  • Robinson

    @best in the world, obviously you know nothing about wrestling or respect buddy. If it wasnt fpr the rock and a few others then there would be no wwe, it would be wcw, then wcw you have gone under and itd be only tna… Maybe. Cena and all the others in the rockroom owe him nothing but respect. Treating him and talking shit the way they do is pitiful and immature. So what if the rock only comes arpund every once and awhile, hes earned it. he met one goal and followed another. If the rock was still a full time wrestler then cena would be his bitch every ppv. The rock left to give other guys a chance. And screw guys like dolph ziggler, you think Austin just laid around and waited to be notice or cm punk, no they went out there spoke there mind and proved that they deserved to be the top guy. If dolph or any other wants it then they need to man up and get it. Yes the rock makes ALOT OF MONEYto do what he does. Anybody would so there kids and there kids could do what ever they want and have everything. People need to grow up and leave the guy alone. Its lesnar thats only doing this to be in the spot light, he couldn’t make the NFL, has horrible stand up in mma and now he wants to go back to what he has dicouraged and disgraced for so long. But hey what hell lets talk shit about a guy that loves the buisness and welcome one douchebag that is a money hungry, spotlight stealing, tool.

  • emerald

    Funny how you are all buying into this, don’t forget twitter is used for storylines now and we hardly ever get to see the wrestlers actual personaliitys come though. It might be real, it might not. Dolph is a heel afterall.

  • Second City Saints

    The Rock is still better then half the guys in the locker room lol

  • Best in the world

    @ Rock/Austin/Trish/FTW Oh, way to make you’re point across. By insulting someone right off the bat. Good one. And why do you think they CAN’T draw flies to shit? Because they aren’t pushed at ALL a majority of the time, not given hardly any sort of time to show what they can do and introduce themselves to the mass WWE audience. And you’re seriously complaining about John Cena, then talking about the “Business” aspect of things? Yeah, John Cena is the poster boy for WWE, Why? Because he earns them TONS of money. (Probably more than anyone else there now.) And without him they would lose a lot of it, and that is just how it is. But lets face it, Rock is DONE wrestling, He’s hollywood now. Cena is still there every show busting his ass for the company, as long as he is willing to do that, he deserves to stay as one of the bigger guys. Rock, however, just comes once every few shows now. (One being the biggest there is, that’s just a given for Ol’ Rocky.) He shouldn’t be able to come back at MULTIPLE Wrestlemanias in the main event, and jump on the other people that actually ARE there working and DO have talent.

  • Rock/Austin/Trish/FTW

    Best in the world, your an idiot, the current roster couldn’t draw flies to shit, Vince wants to make money, that’s why he goes and hire people like Rock, and Lesnar, because they DRAW! you wanna complain about The Rock holding people back, Cena has been holding the entire roster back for 7 years! name one WWE wrestler that’s on the same level as John Cena, nobody is, and that’s sad.

  • Best in the world

    Well, he’s right. Hate to say it, but…yeah. I get so tired of the people that are like “Quit whining and work harder, and you won’t have to worry about him stealing your spot!” That’s such a load, have you seen ANY of the LONG list of talents WWE hasn’t given much of a chance to despite how hard they have worked or how talented they are? And the fact is Rock IS taking someones spot/a younger, newer talent at that. So I can see their frustration, Rock has done it all already, and awhile back wanted NOTHING to do with wrestling, or even be called “The rock” anymore. So for him to come back like he loves it all, and without a doubt taking a younger talents place at the biggest show of the year. I can perfectly understand being a bit sour at him. And there is always the fact that WWE let Rocky win it, instead of, you know. The guy that is there busting his ass currently. (Love Cena or hate him, it’s true.) There is just a lot of things WWE has been doing that is really just piss poor to their other talents.

  • JustanotherFickleHypocriteWWEfan

    lol do people not get that wrestlers now will like the sheep fans, all follow successful paths. cena dissed rocky years ago and led to main eventing, perhaps ziggy giving him ago now in the hope lightening strikes twice. i wouldnt be surprised if more wrestlers start picking their own rivalries.

  • Philzibit

    Ziggle vs Rock, sell off!

  • Gorilla

    Can you imagine if rock bitched when hogan came back no he didn’t ziggler he took it for an opportunity and had a huge match or did jericho hitch when hbk returned noo he challenged him and had a show stealer i mean damn what next ziggler and rest a whiners complian because rock gets inducted to hall of fame give me a break

  • Bill

    Ziggler vs. The Rock would be awesome. Imagine how’d they sell each other’s moves!

  • Gorilla

    Yeah ziggler in the Rock’s next 3 to 4 matches he”ll make more than you will in the next 3 to 4 years πŸ˜‰ you like the rest of wwe roster you all need thank rock taker hhh and hbk for getting half maybe more of the audience too pay to see the show that features all you πŸ™‚

  • Jefferson D’Arcy

    Ziggler’s jab was funny. And some fans are right, a lot of the new guys need to stop bitching, and start impressing. Ziggler’s a good hand to have though. Still not main-event material, but he’s getting there. He and Cody Rhodes are the best mid-card heels right now, right on the cusp of hitting the main event. If they want to be pissed at anyone, it isn’t The Rock. It’s a jerk like David Otunga. He’s been Johnny Ace’s right-hand man / boyfriend lately. And because of that, he’s being featured more on TV, and actually getting wins. That ain’t right. Otunga is one of the worst wrestlers I’ve ever seen. I’ve always hated Cena and Miz, and still think they’re both sloppy shit in the ring, and even THEY’RE better than Otunga. Guys want to bitch? Bitch about no-talents like Otunga in the spotlight.

  • me

    epic comeback by ziggler lol

  • Paton

    I would rather watch The Rock once per yeat than Ziggler every week and most people will be the same. if Ziggler steps it up and actually does something that doesn’t involve getting heat from Vickie then I might give a damn about what he thinks

  • Jimbo

    I like Ziggler, but he and the rest of the whiners on the roster need to STFU. The Rock gets what he gets because he and guys like Cena, Orton, Punk, etc. are STILL more over with the fans than the rest of them. Quit being babies, and start entertaining.

  • cenaWWE

    WM 29 Rock vs. 2 concrete trucks fully loaded I’d buy every available mania ticket to see him get splattered none of my 3 kids like him either….

  • whocares

    Ziggler really is one of the mist entertaining guys on the roster right now.

  • rock

    When did wwe superstars become bitchy disrespectful son bithes?

    You dont see Rock smack talking stars who paved the way, or Austin, or Foley, Taker etc.

    Seems all the newer guys do these days is bitch about how the legends are taking ther spots. Maybe if you stopped wasting time bitching about The Rock you could actually get yourself as over as The Rock is then he wouldnt be “stealing your spot”

  • Rock/Austin/Trish/FTW

    Ziggler nobody wanna buy your merchandise. lol

  • Billy Zane

    @ Robinson

    No you wouldn’t.

  • Robinson

    Weve see the rock alot more then taker this year lol. Why are people still bitching about the rock when Vince is giving a man 5 million dollars for a 1 year contract?! Wcw gave that to Bret for a 5 year contract. If I was the rock id just hang up my boots and say fuck this, personally.

  • milkchunk

    Ziggler vs the rock

  • wwe2012era

    dolph ziggler, giving cheap shots!! interesting, grow a pair tw*t. atleast the rock makes an impact 4-5 times a year. oh atleast the rock gets more pie than u get in a lifetime bitch!

  • Bawb

    Ah, Ziggy. I like you too much to be mad at you. One of the few, of course.

  • SYM

    Have you guys seen Zigglers look alike Daron, on The Ultimate Fighter Live?