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Dolph Ziggler Posts A Cryptic Message On Twitter

– WWE star Dolph Ziggler posted this cryptic message on Twitter:

– The Rock posted a new “Throwback Thursday” blog on his Facebook page talking about his first WWF Championship win nearly 17 years ago. He beat Mankind in the finals of a Survivor Series tournament for the vacant championship back in November 15, 1998.

#TBT November 15, 1998. The night I became the youngest Heavyweight Champion in WWE history – helping usher in what would become the greatest era in pro-wrestling – #TheAttitudeEra.

What made this era so unique, was that it was just before the WWE became a publicly traded company and in many ways it was “The Wild Wild West” which inherently fostered a wilder, crazier and hungrier roster of superstars. It also attracted hard core rowdier crowds nightly which always made it fun for us. It was an iconic era in wrestling and I’ll be forever grateful to all “the boys” who I had the honor of dropping sweat and spilling blood with (back when we were allowed to bleed) all over the world.

Btw, the night I won this title in St. Louis, I celebrated the only way I was used to… straight to the Waffle House baby. #IfYouThinkImCrazyNow #YouShouldveSeenMeDuringTheAttitudeEra #WhenThereWereNoCameraPhones #YoungestWWEHeavyweightChamp#ThankYouBrothaMick #Grateful

  • Shawn OB

    Good point. Hed have to be reprehensible to be a great heel. And reversing his gimmick wouldnt work.

  • SidJustice

    Ziggler mixed in some lyrics From Youth Gone Wild by Skid Row

  • TheFizPop

    Maybe back in the 80’s and its Hogan, not now and especially with Cena, Ziggler will be loved either way, as the fans who appreciate talent will still cheer and those who hate cena, will also. Only the kids will care, he needs to do some Y2J of 08 and turn even more into HBZiggler 97′ to actually get heat. But fans need to play along in unison and pre-determine boo just so Vinnie doesn’t drop that ball again.

    I’m actually hoping a match with HbK could happen, I’m sure Shawn could go one more and at WM in Texas, but yea I do see him putting out Cena. Ziggler could be that tweener that Vinnie doesn’t seem to want, but would work in his favour. Punk was probably the last one anyone cared about if he was heel or face and Ziggler has that held back chip on his shoulder.

  • Armitage Soulshroude

    Heel ZIGGLER!