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Dolph Ziggler Takes Aim At Randy Orton and Kelly Kelly On “WWE Download”


This week on WWE Download, Randy Orton takes over Chris Jericho’s reign in the “Midlife Crisis Clip of the Week” as a clip of the third-generation grappler botching an RKO attempt on Jericho during a January 2004 episode of Raw is shown multiple times.

“Nice work buddy, I’ve never actually seen a Statue of Liberty play in WWE before,” Ziggler says of Orton in the clip. “Too bad your face wasn’t covered in tats too, at least hide the embarrassment.”

Ziggler continues, “Instead of the “Legend Killer,” we can call you the “Segment Killer.” You know like segments are parts of the show, and there are good ones and bad ones, and then there’s one in the middle, there’s one that I steal all the time, and then there’s you know, Randy’s. No wonder your TV wives won’t stick around for longer than a week. Why don’t you turn back into a human snake and quit while you’re only slightly behind.”

The Viper is not the only WWE Superstar Ziggler ridicules as Kelly Kelly is mocked over her dancing.

  • False Idol

    @Barry Horowitz, you are a tosspot quite frankly! I know it’s an entertainment sport and he’s doing to get heat, however if you have seen some interviews with him, he actually believes he’s perfect in everyway, so I honestly think there is some thiing in this that he believes. Plus, sometimes wrestlers do use facts and what they think to get heat..don’t insult my intelligence!

  • barry horowitz

    LMFAO!! thank you dolph man Randy Snore-ton needs to be a heel in order to be interesting cause orton doing in promo is like watching flys fuck or paint dry. He’s boring!!! while Ziggy has been fresh and exciting lately oh and to false idol calm your mark ass down its called getting heat you fuckin moron you realize wrestling is an entertainment business and dolph is playing a character right?

  • False Idol

    Nice one dolph you doink! You have never botched a move in your life have you..pot calling the kettle black! Randy will always be 3x the wrestlr you’ll ever be..and I am not the hugest fan of Orton!

  • mike

    Off topic but this is my wm 29 dream card that the wwe could pull off realistically with good build…thoughts?
    Bryan/ziggler for the whc
    10 man mitb
    Sin cara/Mysterio
    Kharma/phoenix/natayla for the divas title
    Seth rollins/sandow for the IC
    Punk/Austin (no holds barred)
    Brock/Rock (wwe title)