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Dolph Ziggler Takes Shot at Evolution Member, Says He’s The “Weak Link”

Dolph Ziggler suggested that there is a weak link of Evolution and offered his thoughts as to who that is on Twitter:

Do you agree?

  • Jencendiary

    If you think he’s saying any of this without the sanction of the WWE’s twitter monitor, or whatever, I have a bridge to sell you.

  • Keith Learmonth

    Triple H and Randy have both had significant visual and character evolution, too. Triple H went from long haired degenerate, to crew cut corporate head.

    Randy went from Spiked haired, clean cut youngster, to beared, tattooed, psychotic veteran, and has recently been adding some old-school heel traits too.

    Batista has basically kept the same gimmick, since his heel turn against Rey.

  • Keith Learmonth

    I disagree. Triple H and Orton are both constantly adding to their movesets. Triple H recently added a tiger suplex, for example. And Randy added a T-Bone suplex. Batista has been relying on the same Shoulder thrusts, spear, spinebuster, powerbomb combo for 9 years now.

  • visual

    None of them have evolved they’ve been the same since they started. Well, I guess Hunter evolved from the blue blood to the assassin, but since then, they’ve all been the same.

  • Omar Coffee

    whatever homar.

  • Elvis Dolinski

    I agree, they have buried this guy and he had some steam last year after WM, too bad! the people were really behind him, now he’s in the ranks with The Miz

  • Omar

    It is these kind of unnecessary comments that get him in trouble and keep him down in the company.