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Dolph Ziggler Talks About His Status, Special Olympics at WWE HQ Today, WWE & Father’s Day

Dolph Ziggler

– Triple H, Stephanie McMahon, Titus O’Neil, Renee Young and Natalya are at WWE headquarter today for a Special Olympics ceremony and torch run rally.

– Earlier we posted the new video from The Ad Council with Alberto Del Rio and his son. According to The New York Times, this is part of a new campaign for Father’s Day. WWE created in-house ads for the campaign, which will feature Del Rio, Roman Reigns and Titus O’Neil. The ads will be shown on WWE TV from now through Father’s Day.

– Benton sent word that Dolph Ziggler spoke with ESPN 97.3 in New Jersey yesterday and said that he feels back at the bottom now after experiencing a career high when he won Money In the Bank. Ziggler said he didn’t know why he’s back at the bottom. He also mentioned Kofi Kingston and Alberto Del Rio as being his two favorite opponents.

  • Solid

    I agree. But it hasn’t stopped them from doing this to anyone who hasnt towed the company line in the past.

  • Rob ‘Richard Hammond’ Picken

    its called speaking your mind and having some balls, you can’t (and shouldn’t) get punished for that

  • Solid

    and he made the mistake to criticize the company he works for in an article for tv or news (cant remember which exactly) now he’s basically a jobber for it.

  • Rob ‘Richard Hammond’ Picken

    he’s back at the bottom because its WWE logic again, they’re stuck in a time loop and think we still want to see HHH & Cena in the main event in 2014….