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Dolph Ziggler Talks TLC PPV, Steve Blackman Featured, Big Show Reminder

– WWE has added Steve Blackman to their Alumni section.

– Reminder that The Big Show will appear on Burn Notice tonight as part of WWE week on the USA Network.

– Dolph Ziggler talked about wanting to steal the show at Sunday’s TLC pay-per-view during an interview with Brian Soscia of Mix 101 in Philadelphia. You can watch the interview below.

  • yofitz

    Steve Blackman is awesome! Why the f@ck didnt Vince give him more than the hardcore title? He shoud’ve at least been European champion once.

  • Daniel Schein

    Dolph works harder than anyone currently on the roster. He puts it all into every single performance and it never feels like he’s phoning it in. Even the simple moves he bumps like a mad man and makes his opponents look like a million bucks

  • Jim

    Ziggler could sell snow to an Eskimo, if you think he sucks then you need to take your head out of cenas ass

  • Step Brothers

    I’m surprised Blackman wasn’t on WWE 13!

  • Me

    You’re an idiot, your opinion is therefore invalid, now kindly shut the fuck up, thanks.

  • Rocky sucks

    I remember when Ziggler would always lose to kofi Kingston at live events and on smackdown and now he’s a big main event star I think it’s a bunch if bs alot more superstars deserve it alot more than Ziggler punk ass

  • Rocky sucks

    Ziggler u suck u overrated queer