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Dolph Ziggler to work WWE events in December

Dolph Ziggler

It’s been reported that Dolph Ziggler has been negotiating his contract with the WWE recently. It was rumored that this was why he won the Intercontinental Championship from Seth Rollins two weeks ago.

PW Insider reported yesterday that, along with the title, Ziggler has been added to the WWE’s panel at the Wales Comic Con. Originally, Shawn Michaels was supposed to make an appearance. However, he had to pull out, and the WWE instead will send Ziggler, along with Cesaro and Sheamus.

This could be a sign that negotiations are going well with the Show-off. The Wales Comic Con will take place on December 1-2.

  • CC

    Plus we were told he had been given big money and all sorts of other stipulations in his contract. All stuff that was reported as FACT.

  • Kayfabe_Is_Dead

    I said something similar but my comment has been deleted for some reason…

    He was supposedly in negotiations back in February (reported on this site), and it looked as if a deal had been made with salary disclosure and all. So this just looks like business as usual for Ziggler, nothing really new here.

  • CC

    So we were told the reason he was given the US title was because he was in negotiations months ago. Now it is the IC title because he is in negotiations. Is he permanently in negotiations then?