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Dolph Ziggler, Tyson Kidd & Gail Kim Comment on Last Night’s TNA Impact

– WWE United States Champion Dolph Ziggler wrote the following on Twitter last night about the TNA Impact Wrestling match between Jack Evans, Jesse Sorensen and Tony Nese:

“Cool ultimate x qualifier match on impact tonight! Evans does some pretty sick stuff! #seewrestlingcanbefun”

Tyson Kidd then wrote that it was good to see his friend Jack Evans back on TV. Gail Kim then chimed in and asked Kidd and Ziggler what she missed. She wrote: “a few peeps tweeting about evans. Did I miss some good s**t??”

Ziggler replied: “x qualifier was fun to watch, and seeing lynn and rvd in the ring together was cool too”

  • MMAeatsWrestling

    Jarelle Clark was doing the 630 in TNA 6-7 years ago.

  • Jay EZ

    @ the guy who I said his comment sucked.

    You said, “the matches on impact last night weren’t anything special you haven’t seen”…YOU HAVEN’T SEEN?
    You’ve seen a 630 senton bomb before? I highly doubt that!

    You a jobber that ain’t got no clue.

  • Jay EZ

    The comment above sucks

  • The real wrestling god

    The matches on impact last night weren’t anything special you haven’t seen if you’ve been watching the past few weeks the matches between the x division have all been the same just a ton of spots that’s it. The 4 way let me down nowhere near as good as advedtised.

  • Stumpy

    I see a “Good luck in future endeavors” in their future on

  • Shawn

    Vince should take note of this. Seriously, even though I don’t see TNA as competition, he needs to start making wrestling more important on his wrestling shows. I know a good wrestling program is a mix or in-ring and behind-the-scenes story, but good wrestling never gets old. Don’t water down the true talent you have, utilize it! Not a difficult concept.

  • venom

    McMahon will probably get mad knowing one of his champions is talking about the other show we act like doesn’t exist.