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Dolph Ziggler’s Opponent This Sunday At Survivor Series

It was announced at Tuesday’s SmackDown taping in Bridgeport, Connecticut that Dolph Ziggler would be defending the United States Championship this Sunday at the Survivor Series. It was originally reported that John Morrison would challenge Ziggler for the strap on Sunday. However, other reports stated Ryder would be the challenger. announced Wednesday that Ziggler will defend the United States Championship against Morrison at the pay-per-view event.

Upon the news breaking, a distraught Ryder tweeted, “This Sunday Night…NEW YORK CITY…MSG…SURVIVOR SERIES…@HEELZiggler defends the US title against……..@TheRealMorrison? #makesnosense.”

  • DuffManLovesHimSomeWrestling

    Ryder is hugely overrated by the internet community. He is hyped to be some sort of god when he is nothing more than a jobber. An entertaining jobber, but still a jobber…

  • JOE

    ^^^^^ swear to god I thought I was the only one thinking that!!!!!

  • DuffManLovesHimSomeWrestling

    Woo woo woo… OVERRATED!

  • item

    just a thought ,but it could be jomo turning,couse other wise it dosent make any sense ……..hmmmmm……nvmd its the wwe

  • TS93

    It’ll probably b a last min change if they make it a triple threat. Like Morrison/Rhodes. It’s possible, Ryder is so over and the 4 on 3 match is proof

  • Devil_Rising

    If they want to make it more interesting, they should make it a three way between Ziggler, Ryder and Morrison. That way, fans of both are happy, and they can still possibly have Ryder pick up a miracle win in NYC.

  • Dave

    They won’t have Morrison turn on Ryder.
    Before you can have that, you need at least a month to turn them into best buddies. Closer than brothers. That sort of crap. It’s standard wrestling script that you have to build 2 people up like that before pulling the shock screw job.

  • PinkSinCara

    @ Venom

    What about Swagger, Del Rio, and Sheamus having early WORLD/WWE title runs, were they ready? NO. Ryder’s ready to be US champ 100%, plus he has the fans’ support.

    JoMo will take one last beatdown and hopefully disappear. WWE should have Ryder interfere at Survivor Series, so they can RESTART this feud which has obviously been put on hold with this ridiculous match. Then Ryder can eventually become champ at TLC or the Rumble with the help of his petition.

  • HR

    jomo is not leaving because they are pushing the guy after an incredible buried streak. when people leave, the company does nothing with them. i say jomo got a new contract and things are starting to pick up for him.

  • zack r

    r u serious bro!!!!!???

  • little jimmy

    if morrison does get a title match then if he did win it he wudnt hold it long hes leaving

  • TS93

    Here’s my take. Friday they will announce Ryder will face Ziggler instead. At Survivor series morrison helps ryder win the title then turns heel and attacks ryder after the win and turns heel.
    In simpler words:
    *Ryder replaces Morrison
    *Ryder wins title with help from Morrison
    *Morrison attacks Ryder, heel turn for Morrison
    *Sets up US title feud for Morrison/Ryder
    *Sets up feud for Ziggler/Fauxtista (Mason Ryan)
    Am i the only one that thinks this makes sense

  • Tony A

    Zack’s Dad had something to do with this..

  • TS93

    Its obviously an angle. Morons. They will probably give the shot to Ryder after he gets more ppl to sign and on say something like “Due to the staggering number of people who signed the petition….”

  • King

    im with u on this stevie P like i said earlier…its bullshit & it aint right…i also saw on WWE.Com i love how this prick has spent more time on his back then a goddamn Whore in the last 3 months(maybe even more then melina has) wins 1 match out of 3 months(wow lets celebrate) & now hes getting Ryders title shot??? that shit aint right… maybe moron-son aka morrison should change his name to John WHORisson.. Ryder on the other hand is way over & has done more then this idiot has…im so hoping this shit gets changed before sunday…still cant wait to be there this sunday tho

  • batista_cara

    john cena is not a great wrestler, but he is over with the fans,well the kids that is, and they give him title after title


    zack ryder is a begetter wrestler than cena, and he is over majorly with all fans of every age, and wwe still wont give him a title… wtf

    there must be something behind the sense that has not been brought to lite yet

    maybe jomo is getting a title shot, as a way to keep him from leaving wwe when his contract expires at the end of the year

  • Talia

    Wow, another epic fail by Creative if they think putting JoMo in the match instead of Ryder is a good idea. They could have had Ryder win by a DQ from Vickie, so that Dolph keeps the belt, but it would keep the door open to continue the feud because Ryder can claim he deserved a fair fight. Then Vickie would be banned from ringside and they could have a match at TLC.

    Looking at this forum, far better ideas for how the match could have gone (great to everyone who posted), than what Creative came up with. Are we surprised???

  • mattnichollsFEAR

    They should make some excuse why bourne isn’t on TV and have Kofi pick Ryder as his new partner. Then have Evan return as a Heel and team with Ziggler to get his Tag title back, in that case, Morrison should become champ after a Ryder run in at Survivor Series, giving Ziggler a reason to team with Bourne and make Ryder lose his title.

  • kennedyniles

    Yes!! I am a Ryder fan, but I think Morrison is a lot better.

  • Toyota25

    You are right venom, Ziggler need to be a stronger champion before dropping the belt, since he lost a few non title matchs during the last month! Wrestler Mania would be a good time for Ryder to finally get the belt, or Royal Rumble!

  • venom

    @steve P

    Morrison just beat Ziggler a couple of weeks ago. I think it’s too early for Ryder to win that belt. If they keep Zyder as a solid midcard guy(not disappearing from Raw), they can have him win it at Wrestlemania.

  • Stevie P

    Plus, seeing as SS this year is not very far from Long Island, the reaction Ryder would get would be massive.

  • Wwe is determined not to put that title on ryder

  • Stevie P

    @venom, that’s not the point. Ryder could still lose and I wouldn’t care. The storyline build up for Ryder and Ziggler has been HUGE. Now they just dump it for JoMo because he attacked him once on Raw? How does that make any sense? Also, has anyone noticed how over Ryder is with the fans?

  • venom

    Ryder needs more work before he can just grab a title. I think Morrison deserves it before Zyder. Morrison will probably lose.

  • King

    @ stevie p

    i totally concur with u dude 110% true man…

  • Liam Catterson

    Winner and still US Champion…Dolph Ziggler (-____-)

  • mark wot the hell is going on

  • Stevie P

    Since when does Jobber Morrison deserve a title shot? He’s won what, one match in 3 months? He does one attack on Ziggler and he gets a match for the title when Ryder has pinned him twice. It would have made sense storyline wise to put Ryder in this match but alas, WWE screws up again.

  • mark

  • Tombstonepiledriver

    I would rather see Morrison win the title than Ryder. Ryders ok but his gimmick is a little lame,

  • SpudimusPrime89

    And this is right after they announce Ryder as the opponent at the SD tapings. Make up your damn mind, WWE!!!

  • Seth

    This is stupid. Way to flip off the fans wwe.