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Don West Comments on Jeff Hardy, Ring Breaks at TNA Show, Tapings Tonight

– TNA will tape iMPACT Wrestling tonight from Orlando. The only confirmed happening for tonight’s tapings is Mr. Anderson’s “special surprise” for World Champion Sting going into their match at Slammiversary.

– At this weekend’s TNA live event in Monroe, LA, the ring broke during the opening match with Abyss vs. Kazarian. TNA officials and members of the ring crew came down to fix the ring while Don West and SoCal Val threw out free merchandise for around 20 minutes.

– A fan asked Don West during the opener at TNA’s live event this weekend when Jeff Hardy would be back. West, on the microphone, responded that hopefully Jeff would be back as soon as possible but right now he’s sick and they’re focused on getting him better.

  • Truthiness

    Why didn’t they start a falls count anywhere match while they fixed the ring instead of throwing garbage at the audience?

  • muh boy

    if its between this or wwe, its tna always

  • venom


    We all want TNA to be better. But in reality it isn’t. We all want that alternate wrestling show. I used to watch it but ever since Hogan took over, it’s like watching WCW on it’s worst days before they went out. It’s the fact that they keep taking cheap shots to WWE, while McMahon barely acknowledges them. Hogan is making TNA laughable. Hogan is burying their old top talent. Until Hogan leaves, I doubt there will be any progress.

  • Justin

    Don West throwing out merchandise to a crowd? He reviving his old infomercial series?

  • blah

    What CC and JipC said.
    shit happens ppl.

  • The King of Kings 69

    of course its gonna break when u have fat ass Abyss aka the wanna be mankind/Kane in the ring not to mention their ring is dirt cheap anyways

  • JipC

    TNA haters need to die. If you are a wrestling fan why would you want there to be just stale ass WWE? You should want TNA to get better and succeed and force WWE to get better and make wrestling good again. Which it hasnt been since 2001. Im not saying you need to wear TNA glasses and pretend everything is great. Its not but why do people feel the need to shit on them all day when WWE is asscrack and ballsack as well?

    And stop crying about Hogan and Bischoff. How the fuck do you know whats going on backstage? Dick

  • CC

    I’m not normally one to defend TNA, but a broken ring is hardly their fault. Its happened to just about every promotion at some point, including WWE.

  • rick

    When was the one step forward?

  • Eric Nixon

    The ring broke. Good God. It’s like one step forward and two steps back with TNA.