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Dreamer Comments on End of ECW, Maria Not Leaving TV?, More

– Tommy Dreamer wrote the following on his Twitter last night about the end of ECW: “Many people have asked me why I left WWE. If you watched ECW tonight, a piece of the puzzle was revealed for my actions. Stay tuned.”

– A recent report stated that Maria wouldn’t be able to appear on WWE TV while the new season of Celebrity Apprentice was airing because of a clause in her contract with NBC for Apprentice. A fan mentioned this on Twitter where Maria replied that she wouldn’t be leaving WWE TV.

– JBL wrote the following message on his Twitter yesterday after the RAW rating came in: “raw did 3.7 and they are happy? Shawn Michaels and i did 4.1s, ron and i did an 8.6. JBL #1 free agent in wrestling? I think so. I draw #s !”

  • DK Monster

    Bradshaw would’ve been even bigger heel if he used
    the JBL gimmick during the Attitude era and joined forces
    with Vince and the Corporation.
    JBL was a big character but I can’t quite recall a single
    match that was actually worth watching that had JBL in it.

  • TheRattlesnake420

    Yes dude….that idiot just credited himself for an 8.6 rating which occurred during the PEAK of the Attitude Era.
    Apparently, he has forgotten about how a guy named Stone Cold Steve Austin and another guy named The Rock brought people to the arenas to buy tickets and merchandise that paid his salary. He’s probably also forgotten that many of those people got up to go to the bathroom and/or get a refreshment or possibly some DX or Stone Cold merchandise during HIS segments. JBL is not a Wrestling God. I don’t care how many times he says it, it will never make it true. He should stick to stocks and bonds and appreciate the fact that he HAD a wrestling career to get his name out there. In fact, to me it kind of sounds like jealousy that he even sits back and pays attention to these ratings, and truly believes that putting him on television will draw a larger audience. I’ll admit I was a fan of The Acolytes, but I didn’t watch Raw because of them. And I’ll admit at times I liked JBL, even after he became a “Corporate” heel character, but if he thinks he’s in the same sort of league or category as Austin, Rock, Kurt Angle, Edge, HBK, HHH, Taker, Jericho……he is sorely mistaken….

  • Al

    i like JBL, but his comments are just BS, haha

  • A Bus

    Nick, you must be a blast at parties

  • CC

    Jesus guys, can you not work out that the comment is done in character?

  • Nick

    Wait, wait, wait. Is this idiot crediting himself and Farooq for ratings?!?!?! On what planet did ANYONE watch RAW for the f’n APA? And above that, that was when The Rock and Stone were still active. That’s like a 90’s Chicago Bulls player crediting himself for the 6 titles they won while Jordan and Pippin were playing.

    JBL, just go away. You have NEVER been anything close to entertaining.

  • Damien Phoenix

    8.6 will never happen again really the highest they will ever get now is over 3.

  • Dean

    3.7 nowadays is good, wrestling is dead 8.6 wont happen for a long time and tht is if ever happens again

  • RPM

    so that was peak attitude era and yet vince is happy with his neutered kiddy programming now.

  • Trey

    What about when you were on Smackdown as champ, JBL? You were one of the worst drawing champion ever.