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Dreamer Says He Saved CM Punk’s Job, Update on WWE-USA Network Through WrestleMania has a new article online with Tommy Dreamer. Dreamer says he saved CM Punk’s job with WWE twice:

“He [CM Punk] had little-to-no chance of ever making it in the WWE — he wasn’t their type of guy. I saved his job two times when he was about to be let go — I was saying, ‘Ya gotta keep this kid, ya gotta keep this kid.”

– The USA Network has updated their TV schedule through March 2012 and as of now, there is no three-hour RAW leading to WrestleMania 28 and no same-day 2012 WWE Hall of Fame ceremony coverage.

  • jkidd

    Maybe that could be the reason John L & Cm Punk dosn’t get along cause all this time he wanted to fire him. they need to give Punk Credit he Grab all the belts in one year

  • Pig

    @Venom “I never knew Punk was endangered of getting released”

    Cause he’s so effing in the know!!!
    What a douche.

  • Mabry

    I hope you guys are still checking this post cause heres an article:

    i dont remember if its in this same web page or not but there was another article on punk that was a bit longer too, look for it in the page i added just in case. Sorry i cant give the exact page, but i had it on my phone, and i had to ge it fixed cause it wasnt working so i lost a bunch of info…. you should look for what “Dave Lagana” had to say, former wwe writer…

  • Cool Mark Punk

    Devil_Rising, He made have had some pull but no one in Dreamers position has the power to keep someone on that the big wigs didnt like.

  • killniggers

    if dreamer had pull he would still be with WWE

  • Moo

    Tommy dreamer is sexier than cm punk, btw I got a ribera jacket that was owned by Stan Hansen, yeh be jealous.

  • TS93

    Tommy Dreamer ON TV=pretty good
    The Tommy Dreamer TV=shhhhhhhhiiiiiiiiit

  • Devil_Rising

    @Cool Mark Punk

    Uhhhh….yeah. He kind of did. Or are you a “newbie” to wrestling, who DOESN’T realize that before he came back to wrestling full time for the ECW brand, Dreamer spent a good chunk of time as a Talent Relations guy in the front office? So….yeah. He WOULD have had pull, before and after. He would have had pull before, because he dealt directly with talent, and he would have been working with CM Punk in OVW. And then after, because I’m sure his opinion held weight backstage, given his time spent in the FO of the company.

    Get real. Yes, Dreamer did have “pull” in WWE, he just gave it up because he (like many I’m sure), naively believed that Vince was earnest about bringing back ECW and letting it be it’s own separate thing, which of course turned out to be a sham.

  • kamala’s foot

    Dreamer is a fat loser that has no life. He think he is the greatest.

  • @mabry I’d love to read that article if you have a link to it somewhere.

  • TS93

    @mabry post a link to that article…im intrigued now

  • venom

    I never knew Punk was endangered of getting released. Punk was always getting a push when we was with WWE. In the end Punk got himself over.

  • Mabry

    i read an article a while ago, that was about how nobody understood nor liked CM Punk. The idea on the ECW brand was to push Hardcore Holly (imo that should have ahppened many years before, i think he was good). The thing is that no one wanted him and even made fun of the anaconda vice… and it was Shawn Michaels one of the guys that really pushed for punk to be taken seriously. Probably Dreamer was another one that pushed for him., as RKO said, he allways put people over, he was or is a weird type of guy, never looking to get all the attention for himself…

  • PinkSinCara

    How would Dreamer know? He wouldn’t recognize talent and charisma if it smacked him in the head with a barbed wire bat. Punk patiently waited for his time to come. Dreamer even in his prime couldn’t match Punk’s abilities. Yeah he was alright in the 90’s. But he had the nerve to join TNA only to bitch and moan about WWE whom were considerate enough to keep his irrelevant ass employed well past his prime. Sorry every time I hear him mentioned I must rant

  • rko

    Back then punk was on the ecw brand and probably made a lot of enemies with his blunt personality backstage. I’d believe it. Dreamer is one of the good guys in this biz. Completely selfless and willing to put anyone over.

  • RAMSES 2


  • Effmenow

    Regarding the WWE-ECW back in 2006 along with the One Night Stand PPV’s and ECW DVD’s that came out in that time…

    Dreamer had alot of pull.

  • Cool Mark Punk

    Because Dreamer had so much pull.