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Dreamer Suffers Swelling After The Shield Attack, Posts Photos

– Tommy Dreamer was forced to make a trip to a local emergency room on Wednesday after he says he suffered swelling and complications from The Shield beatdown angle on Monday’s RAW. Dreamer made the following tweets and photos:

“Didnt plan on a trip to the ER today Had complications from @theshieldWWE beat down. Head swelling plus stitches. Im frigging pissed off”

“2nd graphic pic of ER visit @theshieldwwe Guys I got a lot of friends in this bizness & I’m pissed off at u”

“3rd graphic pic from my attack by @theshieldwwe insane dangerous levels of swelling of myhead”

“4th very graphic pic 18 stiches for a puncture wound a bolt went into my head causing swelling”

“Last very graphic pic of the night b4 stiches @theshieldwwe & @wwe better pick up the ER bill I’m F*cking mad”

“Hard to sleep w/ this swelling @theshieldwwe I will remeber u spoiling a great night 4 me & wrestling fans”





  • jt

    18 stitches for that? little to exagerated

  • My Morning Jacket

    Tommy’s one tough motherfucker, hope he gets better.

  • barry horowitz

    boy you guys are retarded you know this is to add heat to the shield right? this is tommy freakin dreamer we’re talking about he took a nut shot with a kendo stick that knocked him unconcious you really think he’d be whining and crying like this about a lil’ head bump if it wasnt to build storyline down the road?

  • what?

    The shield is good ? really you do not see the hole in tommy head?

  • what?

    good going bring in a bunch of sloppy wrestlers and look what happens come on let’s hear all the stupid excuses

  • Mark

    looks nasty. The shield is good but they have to be careful about head and concussion issues when they do these angles

  • the v

    Wrestlers are paid professionals so things like this dont happen, disgraceful.