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– Scotland based newspaper The Sunday Mail ran a piece on Tiffany’s arrest last week in Los Angeles, California following a domestic incident involving husband and fellow WWE performer Drew McIntyre at their hotel on August 8.

Regarding the incident, McIntyre said it was a “complete misunderstanding.” He added, I can’t say anything else until it’s cleared up, which will be very soon.”

– WWE’s upcoming DVD set on John Cena has been titled The John Cena Experience. The three-disc set will be released on Nov. 16.

  • shawn

    spamming is not allowed on this site linten. you’ll get blacklisted.

  • kill cena

    hopefully tiffany beat some charisma into him

  • me

    his dvd should be titled i’m a complete faq who no sells, and never loses, and only faqs are fans of me.

  • Boondock Saint

    Drew just walked into a wall, he’s so clumsy.

  • stone cold

    i agree with misfit. look what they did with hulk in the 80s. anyone remember Hulk Hogan’s Rock n Wrestling cartoon? hulk hogan was almost super hero like in there. saved the day all the time. Cena is the hulk hogan for this generation. I also remember some adults didnt like hogan in the 80s but the kids loved him

  • Cenation

    John Cena stay making these nerds furious LMAO!!! I love it!

  • Kelly

    So guys, if your Wife started to Beat you, would you fight back so that she can file for Abuse herself?, instead of taking the smart way and just walking away and call the cops?

  • Raziel

    Heel merchandise and non-Cena sell well, its just that there are a lot of kids that like wearing orange.

  • whatever

    I totally agree with misfit

  • donners

    @ jay:

    you mean he can’t?!

    ah crap….

  • misfit

    Its a business, again when austin brought his shirts ( which were bad ass), it was ok ?, but when cena does it, its the end of the world??, wrestling is a repetative business nothing is new its all been stolen, just sit back and enjoy or dont

  • Ryan

    @ mistfit you make a fair point here man but at the same time hogan was just there and the rock was just there and stone cold was just there. John Cena has been just there but he has also been thrown in our face a bit too much, there was a point where like every month he had a new shirt, now i know the rock always had these new shirts etc but im sorry with the rock if he had a new shirt you didnt know if he was turning heel or not. As soon as John Cena walked out at summerslam last night wearing his new barney the dinosaur coloured outfit i and i expect hundreds of other fans knew he wasnt turning.

  • me 2

    real talk^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^

  • misfit

    All of this hating on cena (not a cena fan don’t get me wrong), is getting old and played, super cena? Really???, yet when the hulkster “hulked” up, we all marked out and that was fine? Or when rocky would never get pinned only screwed it was ok, right? Damn were all two-faced fans, just let it be, hell be gone in a few then another star will come along for us to hate on, like stone cold said ” wrestling is like an engine as soon as one gear wears out, u swap it out with a new one”, just relax and enjoy the product and if u don’t like it, guess what change the channel

  • jay

    @ amazed you do realize how many kids there are in america. christ the way wwe builds him the little kids probably think super cena could destroy superman

  • Amazed

    here’s to hoping no one will buy cena’s dvds.

  • Sam_Tha_Great

    Drew loves the way she lies rotfl

  • Sam_Tha_Great

    Lol, Drew being beat on by his wife. He saying it was a misunderstanding cause he don’t wanna get beat again lol.

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