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Drew McIntyre Storyline Update, Work Out with Chris Jericho, Foley’s Swap

– This coming Saturday, the day before the Royal Rumble, Chris Jericho will be at the D-1 training facility in Tampa, Florida. D-1 is the new facility owned by Chris Jericho and athletes Tim Tebow, Chipper Jones and Derrick Brooks. The first 50 people to register at the new facility will get to work out with Jericho.

– Due to President Obama’s State of the Union Address tonight, the episode of ABC’s Wife Swap featuring Mick Foley has been delayed until next Tuesday at 9pm EST.

– There is some confusion as to whether or not Drew McIntyre was fired by Teddy Long in the storylines on Friday’s SmackDown, after losing another match. McIntyre acted as a Lumberjack in the main event so apparently his firing wasn’t effective until the show was over.

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  • venom

    I thought McIntyre would have been a maineventer by now. Who would have thought he would be jobbing to Santino?

  • Tombstone

    ^^^Upset cause he didnt get to swap wifes with Mick. LOL

  • Devil_Rising

    lol I don’t know why Foley would do something as retarded as “Wife Swap” in the first place. I mean honestly…how fucking stupid.

  • shawn

    @Generic Troll and CC i thought there was a segment of Teddy firing Drew at some point after Santinos match. im a little foggy on thinking of it but there was a segment. you remember?

  • Jason

    Mcintyre is the most screwed talent in all of pro wrestling today. WWE has to be full of fuck tards backstage for not knowing how to push this guy. I’m glad he is leaving in June.

  • Assassino

    Santino is better than the WWE makes him look.

  • Mcintyre is to good to be put in a lame ass storyline jobbing to santino

  • Second City Saints

    Drew McIntyre returns and wins the royal rumble the chosen one will rise

  • CC

    Well the way its been going on the way its worked so far, if he is going to fire him, he will probably fire him on the next show.
    At no point has he fired him after the match, its always on the next weeks show where Drew comes up to him and asks for another chance, or as in this case, Santino got him a reprieve.
    No confusion at all.

  • Generic Troll

    ever considered the fact that when santino got teddy to reconsider the firing and then had a match with him that there was no “you’re fired” said by anyone? i daresay he is still on the roster, as far as storylines at least, they wouldn’t bring him back to fire him for real they’d of just left it on smackdown etc. unless they are THAT short on material for smackdown..

  • kitkrock

    Darn you Barry Obammy for delaying Mrs. Foley’s baby boy’s episode on wife swap!