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More on Durst Incident at SummerSlam, Free Stuff for RAW Fans, Zeke

– WWE and the Save Mart Center in Fresno are doing a promo for tonight’s RAW where the first 1,000 cars to arrive get free parking and the first 1,000 fans in get $10 gift cards towards WWE merchandise.

– One WWE Superstar who was not backstage for SummerSlam was Ezekiel Jackson. He noted that he was watching the pay-per-view from a Hooters restaurant.

– WWE’s Executive Vice President of Television Production Kevin Dunn reportedly “blew a gasket” during SummerSlam when Fred Durst of Limp Bizkit fame flipped the camera off. Some fans are reporting that their pay-per-view feeds were on a delay as Durst’s middle finger was digitized.

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  • King

    @Oh Dumbass(really)

    how about u go fuck off asshole..ill say what the fuck i want…what im saying is the truth…it just shows u dont know shit then because its NOT THE KIDS WHO BUY THE PPVS,THE MERCHANDISE & THE TICKETS!!! ITS US REAL ADULT FANS!!! u stupid stfu

  • Kyle

    The sound was bleeped for a second for me but not blurred or anything

  • Oh really?

    So kids shouldn’t be allowed to watch wrestling cause you want it your way? Well last time i checked, thats up to the parents and wwe knows that their fan base is small kids too. So how about you get over it.

  • King

    this is why WWE needs to get the fuck away from PG already like enoughs enough now….bottom line is there is enough shit on tv for these little kiddies to watch & be meanwhile we gotta suffer cuz of these little kiddies

  • Cboz78

    It’s PPV, who cares, you know what your in for when you order PPV, anything goes and can, live.

  • PinkSinCara

    The audio on my TV was silenced when he flipped the bird, as if that made any sense.

  • Aiden1990

    Remember When wwe just didn’t give a fuck

  • James

    He did something Stone Cold will probably do the next time he comes back. big deal.

  • Wife Beater 3:16

    That’s what you idiots get for trying to make SummerSlam seem like a big deal by focusing on Z-list celebs in the audience.

  • Jimbo

    Take that, PG era.

  • Myers

    Mine wasn’t on a delay and I laughed my ass off when Durst flipped off the camera.