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DVD Cover Photo and Updated Synopsis for WWE’s The Chaperone

– Below is an updated synopsis and the cover for WWE’s The Chaperone, starring Triple H. Thanks to Silvervision:

“All that former getaway-driver Ray Bradstone (WWE Superstar Paul “Triple H” Levesque) wants is to start a new life and patch things up with his daughter Sally (Ariel Winter, Modern Family). Unable to find honest work, he reluctantly agrees to do one last job with his old bank-robbing crew, led by Phillip Larue (Kevin Corrigan, Superbad). But when the opportunity arises to be a “chaperone” on Sally’s school field trip, Ray resolves not to repeat his past mistakes and leaves the crew in the lurch. When the robbery goes awry and the money ends up on the school bus, Larue chases them all around New Orleans, with the police in hot pursuit. Now Ray must stay one step ahead of Larue, the cops and 30 out-of-control teenagers all whilst trying to spend a little bit of quality time with his daughter on one of the craziest field trips ever!”

  • 28DaysLater

    This honestly isn’t even a B movie. I think WWE knows their films will never be taken seriously as long as they are under the banner of “that fake wrestling company” so they don’t try too hard. They put out films that will appeal to the same demographic they chase with their wrestling, impressionable kids who get their parents to buy them whatever they want.

  • Shay

    Although I damn near depise HHH, the movie has an interesting synopsis and the man, as much as I don’t want to admit, seems like he can carry a good movie, if given a chance/a decent plot. It’s definately something I’ll be checking out.

  • Vinny

    All you guys commenting take things alittle too serious, you think? If you owned your own entertainment company, or any company, why wouldn’t you promote your brand to the fullest? your saying thats TOO much promotion? get real. Its called marketing/business.

    As far as the movie is concerned, I think Vince McMahon knows these movies aren’t HollyWood blockbusters, but he’s only had this movie/film company branch of WWE for a few years now. It takes time to evolve. Or maybe Vince just wants ‘B’ type movies, I don’t know?

    I’ve actually never watched a WWE movie even though I’ve been a WWE fan all of my life. My favorite and really only one I evered watched and liked was the Hulk Hogan / Zeus movie “No Holds Barred”. Classic movie. Go watch it if you never have…

  • Buttercastle

    Even the trailer is pretty bad, like it’s hard to tell if it’s a comedy or drama or whatever cuz there’s so much stuff going on. Almost like it’s trying too hard to appeal to too many audiences.

  • !?

    ^^LOL, looks like something from the 90s (except 90s movies were much, much better.)

    I bet every dollar WWE is going to push the jacks**t out of this DVD more than Wrestlemania like they did with 12 Rounds. I hate when they do that, is it really that smart to push your crappy movies over your largest event?

  • James Howlett

    That is a terrible DVD cover. Are they even trying anymore?