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DX Reuniting for 1000th RAW, Laurinaitis Pulled from Handicap Matches, CM Punk

– WWE Champion CM Punk will be appearing at the Wizard World Comic Con in Philadelphia today from 2pm until 6pm.

– Big Show teamed with Tensai to lose to John Cena in a handicap match at last night’s RAW live event in Alexandria, Louisiana. The matches were previously advertised as John Laurinaitis and Tensai vs. Cena. All upcoming live events are now booked with Show and Tensai vs. Cena.

– WWE is now advertising another DX reunion with Shawn Michaels and Triple H for the 1,000th RAW episode on July 22nd from St. Louis, Missouri. Big Show and John Laurinaitis vs. John Cena is being advertised also.

  • fail

    For God sale put road Dogg billy Gunn and xpac in the DX reunion! It would be epic

  • nnac

    full dx reunion !!… not the watered down one. they got hbk, hhh, and roadogg. bring back gunn and pac.

  • Nick

    HHH’s arm will be magically healed so he can crotch chop…

  • SYM

    WTF? WWE has Billy Gunn, The Road Dogg, and X-Pac as scouts or trainers how come they can’t join the reunion? They made most of DX during the attitude.

  • hogans irrelevant daughter

    yaaahh!! Dx is back, waa, wait! what for? are they gonna make for the tag titles? not likely, are they gonna squash a team just for fucks sakes? more than likely, is there gonna be a lot of glowsticks in the area? yeah, I’m with voice of reason, MEH!!

  • Pyro

    Are they trying to get people to NOT watch the 1000’th Raw?

  • voice of reason

    ‘m a bit meh about the whole dx reuniting thing now if they said “dx to reunite to face off with wrestler a & wrestler b” then i’d be truly excited.

  • Jussta

    The radio here is saying the following actually:

    Big Show vs John Cena

    And that John Laurinaitis will be in a 2 on 1 handicap match (no opponents mentioned) by direct orders of of the Board of Directors.

  • Skip

    Reuniting is kind of a stretch. Not like they really seperated, they just put on the shirts and make with the jokes.

  • marcum

    why is t that DX returns evey special raw episode

  • ^^^ Thats nothing new. Every one must go home with a smile on their face
    thats wwf/e way.

  • Stevie P

    WTF? You have 2 monster heels losing to 1 guy? Even for a house show that’s crap.

  • Bill

    Alright! More glowsticks & t-shirts for everybody! I don’t hate HHH or HBK, but the “new” DX was pretty terrible.