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Earl Hebner Goes Off on Fans During Twitter Rant

– Yesterday on Twitter Earl Hebner went on a massive rant. Here is what he had to say.

“I might be a old man but I make more $ than you’ll ever make in life! You couldn’t pay my taxes”

“Canadians only wipe their butts with my shirt? That’s the only way they’ll clean their asses”

“I didn’t want a job at WCW Bret didn’t screw us I screwed him!”

“but I’m still making money and your the idiot who bought the ticket!”

“I’m the best there is the best there was and the best they’ll ever be”

“no ur momma sucks better than mine! That’s why she’s number one”

“brian won’t screw nobody unless I tell him too I am in control”

“the only way to shut u up obviously is to put a D*** in ur mouth”

“if you could make the money I make youd be a millionaire and get off food stamps ….. b—h”

When asked which Knockout he’d like to screw: “I’ve screwed them all!… I am the master at screw jobs!!!”

  • Angry Benny

    I’ve met Earl in orlando and he is a dick, thats alright, he deserves to be, you fucking kids need to get off his fucking lawn and these punk ass divas(Bret Hart) need to get past the past, Earl hebner can’t because he forgot what year he’s in and doesn’t need your sympathy, he’s just an overrated referee, and if you asked him about the screwjob he will tell you in your face, thats the mistake my friend made, Stupid Bret Marks,

  • Devil Rising Jr

    That aint earl Hebner obviously

  • This is why I love Earl! He loves to screw with the marks, and often does it while he is waiting for wrestlers to come to the ring. He’s seen and heard it all, so you aren’t going to screw with him without getting screwed 10 times worse back.

  • CC

    I’d be surprised if that really was Hebner saying that. While Angle comes up with his hacked excuse and nobody believes him, I do genuinely think that Hebner was hacked there.

  • scooter

    “I’ve screwed them all!… I am the master at screw jobs!!!”
    Earl Hebner is god.

  • charles Spears

    Not only did Earl screw Bret, he also screwed Hulk Hogan by trading places with his twin brother Dave. This was when Andre The Giant won the WWE title in the eighties only to sell the belt to Ted DiBiase.

  • black sincarsa

    lol who put virgia in his coffe

  • “Bad Man” Bigelow

    I see Steiner got a new job writing Earl’s tweets.

  • VenomEX


  • Bawb

    Ever since he shouted “Ring the damn bell!” in Montreal, you just knew the vulgarity would persist!

  • Justin sane

    Right after these tweets he yelled at some kids to get off his lawn… Crazy old man

  • Malice



    @King I couldn’t agree with you more. Hebner, whether or not this was actually him that posted that twitter rant, is, was and always will be a piece of shit if only because of being the ref during the Montreal Screwjob. But he’s a crappy ref regardless.

  • Jedi Master Yoda

    Dumbass I am not, Trained in the Jedi Arts for 900 years I was.

  • ##

    Of course! I ‘ve gotta post after this dumbass Yoda.

  • Jedi Master Yoda

    Consumed by the dark side he must be.

  • SYM

    You remember when I said Flair is the type of Old man who thinks hes still in Vietnam? Well Hebner is the Sergeant Flair reports to.

  • King

    earl hebner is a piece of shit always has been one plain & simple..the guy has no respect for NOBODY in the business or out of the business especially the far as im concerned he can keep his old ass in TNA….i never liked this piece a shit…didnt like him before & after the screw job..especially after the screw job….this prick lives in the past…so damn glad WWE canned his ass…hes got a big fucking mouth & ive seen how he acts personally before & after live events…hes a total asshole…damn surprised WWE didnt shit can him years before his 2005 release….for a small guy he has a big fucking mouth & one day somebody is gonna shut it up for him

  • rko

    This is not Earl Hebner.

  • bb

    did Earl Hebner got drunk????? lol

  • chronoxiong

    Let me guess. Earl Hebner got hacked!

  • you need to give him some quality time

    You tell em, Earl!

  • abomb

    no Hebner is just a boss at destroying hecklers.

  • No Name Required

    That’s too good to be Hebner, unless he got really messed up and I mean like Joanie Laurer high.

  • TheSheepDog

    Kurt angles “hacker” taken a new target?