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Former ECW Champion Justin Credible Announces Career Resurrection

The following press release was issued:

Tonight we are proud to announce the resurrection of the career of the Hardcore Icon, Justin Credible! The former ECW Champion and WWF/WWE/TNA standout is in the process of arranging a comeback tour. With a new lease on life Justin Credible is exploding onto the social media scene through Twitter and Facebook as well as with some of the most true to life and candid live shows through, answering any and all questions from today’s wrestling headlines to stories of life on the road with WWE and ECW in a live format.

Tune in to, follow him on Twitter @pjpolaco and add Justin Credible as a friend on Facebook and subscribe to the YouTube Channel:

Justin Credible is also open for bookings for independent wrestling shows, personal appearances and autograph signings. For more information please contact him at

And that my friends is not just the coolest, that’s not just the best, that’s Justin Credible!

  • shawn

    really……..its a fact? snort

  • Nick Is Awsome

    lol just look up justin credible on facebook there is a couple hundred black dudes that use that name as there rap names and such. Its kinda funny how there are a over a hundred black dudes named justin credible and they say all white dudes look the same….Not racism when its a fact by the way so think bout that before you get all pissy.

  • Dick Coxafloppin

    yawn…….time is over. stay retired or flippin burgers or whatever.

  • Dave

    He still looked pretty sharp when he did Hardcore Justice last year. He was a superb heel. Although not being able to use the Justin Credible gimmick may hurt him. I just struggled to see him as PJ Polaco. Even though it’s his real name. It just doesn’t sound like a badass wrestler.