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– Lou D’Angeli, who has worked for WWE in their marketing and live events department since 2006, parted ways with the company at last night’s SummerSlam. D’Angeli accepted a job as the Director of Marketing and Public Relations with Cirque del Soliel last month but worked for WWE this weekend since he was heavily involved with the Axxess event.

D’Angeli was telling people that he loved working for WWE but the job with Cirque del Soliel was too good to pass up. D’Angeli and his family will be relocating to Las Vegas soon. D’Angeli also told people that TNA contacted him to work at Hardcore Justice and he chose not to out of respect for WWE and several executives in the company who helped his family when his mother passed away a few weeks ago.

D’Angeli worked in the original ECW as Sign Guy Dudley and Lou E. Dangerously. With D’Angeli’s departure from WWE, the only remaining employee that worked with the original ECW is Joey Styles.

He wrote the following on Twitter yesterday: “Thank you WWE for the last 4 years. To all my friends there remember its never goodbye. You are all amazing and talented people. Sup!”

Partial source: PWInsider

  • mictain

    oh well fuckin excuse me wrestling professors.

  • powerbombin midgets

    Cirque del Soliel …lol….im going to see that show in niagara falls this weekend….hahahaa

  • Jack Spratt

    That should actually be Cirque DE Soliel without an “L” attached. Just clearing up some spelling mistakes…

  • sandman

    stone cold and mick foley arnt considr ecw originals because they didnt get their start in ecw

  • Devil_Rising

    Chris Jericho, as well as Rey Mysterio, were “ECW Originals”, at least for a time. Not to mention that many “ECW Originals”, such as Stone Cold, Mick Foley, RVD, The Dudleys, etc., went on to become some of the biggest WWE stars in history.

  • CC

    When it comes to originals it really comes down to the guys who are predominantly seen as ECW guys.
    A lot of guys went through ECW who either already worked other promotions like WCW and WWF or later joined those promotions, but its the guys that people think of ECW first before they think of anything else.
    Guys like Sandman, Tommy Dreamer and Sabu etc.
    Although RVD and the Dudleys probably made bigger names for themselves in WWE/WWF, they might also be classed as ECW originals as their names are so closely associated with it.
    A guy like Jericho, Benoit, Mysterio or Malenko wouldnt be considered so, as most people associate them with WCW and WWE before they would associate them with ECW.

  • Rafique Tucker

    The way I see it, if you were in the original ECW, and made in impact there, then you should count as an ECW original. That includes Chris Jericho, Steve Austin, Dean Malenko, Rey Mysterio, Joey Mercury, Christian, and of course, Joey Styles.

    Now, as far as those who are most associated with ECW, and most recognized as being a part of the original ECW, than yeah–Joey’s the only one left.

  • RawIsWar


    I dont agree with you at all we seen at Hardcore Justice alot of ECW originals come back for a last stand who werent in the company from start to end… like Mick Foley, 2 Cold Scorpio, Full Blooded Italians etc… but there considered as ECW originals just like Jericho would be because he got signed as a ECW WRESTLER! but yeah like i said he isnt known as a ECW original on the scale of RVD, Taz etc… but he still is a ECW original as well as a WCW & WWF original…

  • Matthew

    Chris Jericho, Rey Mysterio, Dean Malenko, the late Eddie Guerrero, Perry Saturn, the late Chris Benoit, Stone Cold Steve Austin, Gangrel, Christian (pre WWF as Christian Cage), Litam etc. They were some of the ECW originals.

  • Al

    yes, i agree, dont forget malenko

  • Orkyboy

    @ mictain – “Original” refers to those there at the very start. To narrow it down further to those who were at ECW through it’s entire existence reduces that number to a tiny handful of people and would therefore become irrelevant.

  • mictain

    ECW originals, were there fron the beginning to the end, so yes styles is the only ECW original left

  • Ryan

    Jimmy Snuka was a WWE wrestler first before he was an ECW member.

  • Jc

    R-Truth was also in ECW for abit but I dn’t think any1 would ever consider him an ECW Original

  • Bus

    Don’t forget Dean Malenko.


    @ Stone Cold…. Mysterio was in ECW you are correct

  • stone cold

    what about rey mysterio? wasnt he in ecw?

  • RawIsWar


    Jericho got signed to WCW because they were impressed at what he was doing in the ECW? he was big in the ECW he was the ECW Television champion which is/was the second highest title there… but yeah i agree he’s not recognized as a ECW original because he had a bigger impact on WCW and a even bigger impact on the WWF just like i guess Jimmy Snuka isnt known as a ECW original because he had a bigger impact on WWF even though he was the first ECW champion…?

    Actually it makes no sense Y2J is a ECW original because he was in the company when it was ran by Paul Heyman and on the up and coming maybe he isnt on the scale of being known as a ECW original like RVD or Tazz & Sabu etc… is because they had a longer run and bigger impact on the show but i still still consider Y2J and original same as Jimmy Snuka cause they were there when it was really ECW and they won hugh titles there as well…

  • RawIsWar

    Jericho got signed to WCW because they were impresed at what he was doing in the ECW? he was big in the ECW he was the ECW Television champion which is/was the second highest title there Jimmy yeah but i agree he’d recognized as a ECW original just like i Jimmy Snuka isnt either because he had a bigger impact on WWF even thogh he was the first ECW champion…

  • CC

    Jericho is not considered an ECW original as his stay there was rather short, and he really made his name at WCW.

  • Shane

    Uh you forgot Chris Jericho was also in ECW

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