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– Simon Rothstein, who has been working as the wrestling editor for The Sun in the UK, has left the website to head up a new TNA UK office.

– TNA has announced a Bound For Glory Block Party for Saturday, August 7th at 10am at the Ocean Center in Daytona Beach, Florida. The event is free to fans and will be a kickoff to Bound For Glory ticket sales. Announced for the party is Motor City Machineguns vs. Generation Me, appearances by Kevin Nash, Jeff Hardy, Ink Inc. and a Hardy Look-A-Like contest.

– TNA has quietly removed Balls Mahoney’s name from the list of ECW Originals confirmed for the Hardcore Justice pay-per-view. Mahoney was announced after iMPACT this past Thursday but was removed from the list some time this weekend.

Partial source: F4Wonline.com

  • Truthiness

    TNA original ideas: Six sided ring = gone. X-division = dead. Top ten ranking system = painfully lame. Everything Hogan has done = miserable failures.

  • d

    tna is whackkkkk!!!! n ecw is old!!!lose-lose situation even with balls mahoney.If samdman n sabu come bak then it will be good!!!!blah!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Joe

    RVD420, I can’t find any evidence on the web that ROH or anyone in Mexico used a six sided ring. The new MTV lucha libre show uses it, but other than that I think TNA is the only one to use a six sided ring.

    Nevertheless, I’m glad they went back to 4 sides. The ropes have more give that way, and they flow better. My only complaint is that I wish the ring was a full 20 X 20 ft., like WWE’s.

    I think TNA is putting on some great shows recently. I think Hogan has had an overall positive effect. Sure, there was the whole bringing in the Nasty Boys thing, but who’s counting. Hogan attracts publicity and stars. Without Hogan, Hardy and RVD may have gone back to WWE.

  • ChrisDV

    @Jayzer12 Yet, TNA’s ratings STILL managed to fall to an all time low.

  • Jayzer12

    Different fresh product equals ratings.

  • Jayzer12

    The comments by Joe,
    He has some great points. But I have to ask where is the six sided ring these days. Since Hogan & Co. came in the product has sucked. I will say this TNA have a lot of great talent. When I first started watching TNA I loved it because of all of the different things that were different from WWE. But now they have allowed outside sources (Hogan) come in and make it like another independent. Hogan can not let go of the past. TNA had the right thing going, unfortunatly Dixie Carter wanted to get greedy and rushed thing by signing Hogan & friends. If she had just waited another two years. She might have been able to go against RAW. That is also if they had not got rid of the six sided ring.

  • kurt angle

    it looks like Ball Mahoney has no balls to pass up this pay-per-view

  • RVD420

    @ Joe – The X-Division, six sided ring, and Ultimate X were all done before in Mexico and ROH. The only original ideas TNA has are bad ones.

  • Joe

    Oh yeah they’re such copycats. They copied the X-Division, the six-sided ring, the Ultimate X Match, the Top 10 ranking system for the world title, the list goes on and on.

    Maybe they should copy the PG rating and the insulting of the intelligence of the fans. Maybe they should refer to the audience as the “TNA Universe”. (By the way, I love WWE, but I have to gripe about some of the things that annoy me).

  • scooter

    tna better do a UK ppv they owe the UK fans one

  • joel

    tna is a copycat company and im hoping all the people they plan to have just dont even show up that would be so funny tommy dreamy would be like what the fuck

  • Matt

    @ Jack

    It doesn’t say why he was removed. Maybe he pulled out of the event himself.

  • Jack

    OH COME ON! WTF!!!!!! Balls Mahoney was taken out “quietly”? This just pisses me off. If its going tyo be an “ECW” PPV, then why they taking out a perfectly great ECW Extremist? TNA is just fucking up this PPV already…

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