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Eddie Guerrero Remembered Seven Years After His Passing

Today marks seven years since the untimely passing of WWE legend Eddie Guerrero. Several wrestling personalities have reacted to the anniversary of his passing, with the following messages on Twitter.

Vickie Guerrero: “I will love you Eddie….always and forever”

“[To Chavo Guerrero] I love you Vito. Thinking of you today. Xxoo. Eddie is so proud of the husband, father, and performer you have become”

Chavo Guerrero: “[To Vickie] I love u too Vickie! U and the girls are heavy on my mind today. Eddie is smiling at the strong women u are!”

“7 yrs ago,I lost my uncle,brother friend.The whole world lost a hero, but heaven gained a returning son. Eddie Guerrero, gone not forgotten”

JBL: “Two guys have meant the world to me, my pal Ron and the great Eddie who passed away 7 years today. Love u and miss u Esse! #cherishUrTime”

“@SMARKRAGE: How much blood did you and Eddie lose in your judgment day match? it was so freaking bloody.”–Eddie went to hospital after.”

“For those whining about Dr Punk last night, I once gave Eddies mom a heart attack on Mothers Day-then set attendance record in LA! #heat”

Jim Ross: “Complex & talented Eddie Guerrero died 7 yrs ago today. 1 of my greatest signees. Challenging man. Was his own worst critic. A star. RIP”

“When we signed Eddie Guerrero, Vickie was a wife & mom. Now she’s got more antagonist angst than virtually anyone. Step it up #WWE men.”

William Regal: “It’s seven years ago today that my friend Eddie Guerrero passed away.My favourite all round performer in the Wrestling.I still miss him.”

Dave Lagana: “Felt lucky to have seen Eddie Guerrero wrestle in ECW and honored to worked with on Smackdown. You are missed Eddie and never forgotten.”

Gabe Sapolsky: “We all miss you Eddie Guerrero. More and more every year.”

  • mabry

    I miss Eddie 🙁

  • EDGE-3000

    i seen eddie live in a tag match at the 1st smackdown taping after summerslam 2004. amazing entertainer. R.I.P EDDIE

  • Tombstone

    I miss Eddie every time I turn on the set to watch wrestling. He was one of my very favorite ever.

    If any of you havent already read it you shoud check out his book. He had an amazing story.


    I was at No Wat Out in 02 when Eddie beat Lesnar for the title in San Francisco.

    I WILL NEVER FORGET the performance. Spectacular!

  • R.I.P. Eddie

    R.I.P. Eddie, thanks for the memories and moments over the years that made you one of the greats this industry has ever see.

  • The dude

    Smackdown is what I meant to say

  • The dude

    I Had the the privilege of seeing Eddie wrestle in person at the ska down after wrestlemania 20 what an amazing performer youre in the iwc hearts today Eddie rip