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Edge Discusses His New WWE Studios Movie, The Rock’s Return and More

– 2012 WWE Hall of Famer Edge recently spoke with The Big J Show of Hot 101.9 about his new WWE Studios movie, the Hall of Fame and more. Here are a few highlights and the full interview embedded:

Bending The Rules movie:
“It stars me and Jamie Kennedy who, like me, is a complete idiot. It was an interesting process. I had done stuff before, but nothing to this extent where I was like one of the stars of the movie. I don’t look at myself as an actor. I never took classes, all my experience came from LIVE WWE. Both aspects are fun, but I gotta say I live is better, but a lot of that is I grew up wanting to be a wrestler.”

Christian inducting him:
“It’s been a strange year. It’s been a surreal year. This time last year I was preparing to perform on Wrestlemania and not even a year later I am being inducted into the Hall of Fame and all kind of unexpected. It’s been a very cool year, but a lot of changes this year. They asked me who I wanted to induct me and I told them Christian because that’s the no-brainer. That was the last thing I said about it. I think it needs to be him.”

The Rock returning to WWE:
“Rock is a huge star, he should come back and be a huge star. The guy didn’t HAVE to come back. If you’re good enough, you’re not going to lose a spot. If you lose a spot, guess what, you’re not good enough. You shouldn’t be able to be taken off a show. My mentality was if guys came back I don’t care what they do, I know what I’m going to do and I’m going to get on that show. So if you don’t get on the show it’s your own fault.

  • The Great One.

    Yet more sense from an attitude era guy.

    Anyone notice the trend? Attitude era guys defending Rock and saying he earned everything he has whereas PG bitches complaining about losing their spots.

    Thats why WWE has went downhill, the new guys think the world owes them everything. The attitude era guys knew they had to work to be the best

  • For Real Man

    i agree. If Cena hadn’t made fools of all of the talent in the back by gettin this garbage 6yr push. Then maybe, just maybe one of these guys would be at Mania this year, or on Raw. The problem in WWE is that WWE only cares about pushing Cena. Thats why everyone else sits in the same pool of equality, waiting to win a lottery to see who faces Cena next. In the current generation of wrestlers. Who do u see getting to the hall of fame in the future. Cena and Orton. Nobody else comes even close to those guys. I bet ppl wil say punk. All this guy ever did was say on TV what ppl say in forums. Don’t say winning the WWE title, Cena made winning the title mean next to nothing. Winning the title for the fifth time in today’s era is equal to winning it once back in the attitude era.

  • AttitudePl0x

    “So if you don’t get on the show it’s your own fault”
    This man, Edge, speaks the truth. He just shut down all the Rock haters with that one interview alone

  • Jake

    Its a damn shame the injury shortened the career of on elf the greats

  • JIR

    well put look at Del Rio came back for a few words not on TV again, Brodus Clay teased only for them to squander his talent