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Edge Gets a Title Shot, Vince Sends WWE Gear to Bysiewicz and More

– WWE will hold their Fan Appreciation event tonight at the XL Center in Hartford, Connecticut. Triple H is being advertised to return for “one night only.”

– Edge defeated Rey Mysterio and Alberto Del Rio on last night’s SmackDown to earn a shot against Kane’s World Heavyweight Title at the WWE Survivor Series pay-per-view. The only other match announced so far is Wade Barrett vs. Randy Orton for the WWE Title with John Cena as special referee.

– reports that Vince McMahon mailed out a box of WWE merchandise to Connecticut Secretary of State Susan Bysiewicz and reporters covering Linda McMahon’s Senate campaign this week. The box of merchandise also contained a brief letter from Vince. Below is a photo of what Vince sent:

  • andre lewis

    im sick of coming on here arguing with lameass mofos who have no life who think there cool always trynna correct ppl and shit hey vinny why dont you go molest yaself you stupid motherfucker ppl can say wtf they want on here who the hell made you the boss like i told some dick 4 brains loser im not going anywhere im here 2 stay immo type the way i want and say wtf i want this aint grammar school motherfucker why dont you go get laid or something wet behind the ear fucker

  • andre lewis

    dude go screw yaself im gonna speak my motherfucking mind i dont give a shit who likes it this is my opinion and mine only motherfucker if you read what i typed youd understand and dont fucking try 2 correct this isnt grammar school bitch i say wtf i want when i want cocksucker what i was saying is wwe has tooken away everything that got them famous you dickwad blood swearing women that is what sold tickets in the attitude era this era is sooo damn tamed its rediculous they cannot do anything that violates the pg code thats why i brought up the martial arts example stupid fuck you think i give 2 shits about what you say get a fucking life and dont worry about wtf i type bitch

  • andre lewis

    seeing that vinny mac sent cenagear 2 whoever this douche’s name is why not send some other guys gear hes hellbent on pushing cena 2 the core thats why wwe is losing dollars dont let wwe fool you into thinking there making money they are as there a business but theyve lost millions as well because of bullshit like this if cena gets hurt then what then wtf are you gonna do does wwe have a back up plan when hbk got hurt in 1998 wwe had a backplan in steve austin then the rock but who 2day will carry wwe because cena isnt gonna be at the top 4ever thats why so many left wwe over the yrs because they never got a chance seeing that purple crap is like pissing on every fan from the attitude era yea times have changed but theres no reason 2 make shit so corny and kiddy this is 2010 not 1992 when shit was more tamed and wwe was more of a damn cartoon i love wrestling wwe tna so before some cockhugger say something like dont watch wwe i watch wwe because im a fan i watch 4 guys like christian or mvp morrison 2 a point wwe shouldnt be about 1 guy at the top all the fucking time austin was on top but there was the rock there was taker there was hhh who does cena have orton i would of said batista but hes gone orton isnowhere near john or the rock 2 play 2nd fiddle 2 cena dammit i hope they stop this kiddy shit because this is wrestling not a damn disney show taking away blood swearing chairshots etc is like telling a kung fu fighter he can compete in a bout but he cannot use his feet get my logic ppl

  • I really hope that they don’t keep the belt on Kane until Wrestlemania and have, yet another, Kane vs. Undertaker match.

  • Jim

    Ok, I apologize, I was in a hurry and only skimmed it I guess…

  • jd

    i swear i come to this site once a week and everytime i read a post this dude Vincent always posts something negative.. seriously dude grow the F- up.. are you obsessed with this dude middleton or something????? seriously get out of your moms’ basement and get a life.. and a girlfriend

  • nnla

    Sending out the cena crap is Vince telling people “You Can’t See Me” cheesy way of looking at it but makes the most sense. And for reposting things on the site, everyone does it on all news sites so he’s just being a basic reporter.

  • Jim


    Well Vincent, believe it or not SOME people don’t have anything larger then basic cable, and don’t know what went down on SmackDown, and this report was actually beneficial to us, so if anyone is a joke sir, it is YOU.

  • kolton


    Don’t you think its really not a big deal that he re-posts it? I mean why not? You are pretty reasonable

  • idontknow2

    Lol that way no rassling fan is gonna vote! XD

  • Eric Nixon

    @ Ron

    That’s what I thought.

  • Ron

    Lol it’s mostly crappy cena stuff.