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– Edge is now on Twitter, you can follow him at @EdgeRatedR.

– WWE posted a new article looking back at the history of the WarGames match in NWA/WCW.

– FoxNews is covering the story of WWE removing Attitude Era content due to its usage against Linda McMahon for Senate campaign. The article notes that Democrats put together a video package of past WWE content that was later removed by the company.

  • Eve’s left nipple

    They should have brought back the Wargames match when the Nexus were around.

  • ChrisDV

    @ Pete

    Of course they’re taking down episodes of Raw, it’s called protecting their interests as most of the videos they’re taking down weren’t uploaded by the WWE.

  • Pete

    This linda thing is out of control, they are taking down episodes of raw down from youtube, and that is PG stuff so expect some changes for the worse :(

  • misfit del rio

    Or just ignore Nick, and you’ll be good. Wwe being pg isn’t the problem. Its the crap the give us that’s the problem. So there isn’t blood, big deal…. if you need blood to make the match then it really isn’t a good match to begin with right? And ohhhh you can’t say ass…. big deal, learn how to speak in a angry smart manner and you can get but with out saying ass. Worry about the in ring product. I’ll take post attitude era wrestling anyday over the 2 min spot fest and random interference.

  • Nick

    Vince, devorse the bit(h and make your company the way the 18+ fans like it

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