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Edge, JR and Others Comment on the New WWE Title Belt

– WWE is asking fans to tweet their thoughts on the new WWE Title belt with the hashtag #NewWWETitle. Several wrestling personalities have commented on the new belt via Twitter:

David Otunga: “The new @WWE Championship looks like a giant Super Bowl Championship ring. Looks expensive. @WWEUniverse #RAW #RAWLafayette”

Jim Ross: “Everyone complaining can rejoice…@TheRock is unveiling a new championship title. #WWE Customized, no less. #controversial? Yep.”

Bo Dallas: “New WWE Title I digg it #keepitclassy”

BG James: “I appreciate all the feedback about the new title, honesty is mandatory in communication and I thank you, but it’s the New Title! #OUDK”

JBL: “The unveiling of MY old championship belt! Was changed when Cena took it from me and NOW it is back-well kinda….looks great!”

Paige: “Now THATS a title. #NewWWETitle #WWE #RAW”

Edge: “Way better than that spinner shipwreck”

  • i do agree with edge’s comment .

  • adam

    I will like it more if the side panels are interchangeable it looks cool still a little toyish but better then the spinner. I was expecting cena to come out and defend his belt saying somethin corny lij e this belt was me and part of the cenation

  • Pewp

    Starting to grow on me, ill have to see a few other guys wearing it before I can decide, this is just a case of initial reaction syndrome.

  • Pewp

    didn’t he take the spinner thing off of it?

  • CC

    yeah, but his was basically mocking it. and lets face it, he didnt exactly get a choice in it if thats the angle WWE wanted to go with


    I meant to put belt instead of site


    See and the IWC Marks on this site are alll bitching about the site when everyone else in the wwe or that has been in the wwe dosent complain

  • Omar

    He is speaking from experience.

  • Matt Trovato

    But didn’t Edge also have a spinner belt 😛

  • Omar

    Edge said it.