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Edge Named Mr. SummerSlam, Foley Wants Former Knockout In WWE, More

– WWE will return to Pittsburgh, PA at the Consol Energy Center for a SmackDown taping on December 18th.

– WWE’s website has a new article and poll up asking fans, who is Mr. SummerSlam? The options are Shawn Michaels, Mick Foley, Edge, Bret Hart, The Undertaker and Triple H. WWE’s editors voted and named Edge as Mr. SummerSlam.

– Mick Foley wrote on Twitter that he believes former TNA Knockout Velvet Sky would be a valuable addition to WWE’s Divas roster. Foley added that he hopes WWE picks her up.

– WWE has now confirmed the World Heavyweight Title match at SummerSlam between Alberto Del Rio and Sheamus.

  • chris benoit

    hogans at tna wwe will not bring him up while his at tna

  • KingAblert

    Alshito Delfaggoto is sooo boring, please FO and die.

  • adam

    It would be cool to see her and angelina in wwe to rebuild the womens divsion. But until tna’s bullshit lawsuit is overwith morgan flair and the beautiful people and shelly not one or all of them are coming until the suit is settled.

  • David

    To Cobra: Yes Hulk Hogan is undefeated at Wrestleemania, he is 6-0.

  • poko

    i say velvet comes and allows the two pokos to poko her loco, we will show her how shit goes down on the dirt sheets

  • cakes

    not for nothing, but CM Punk has been pretty impressive at summerslams…WWE title match against cena last year and WHC match against Jeff Hardy a few years back have been amazing….Same could be said about Orton and Summerslam…Either way, I think the WWE should turn this into a storyline to add more importance to Summerslam. Guys like Undertaker and HBK always focused on how they preformed at WM, now heres a chance for newer guys to fight for the title of Mr Summerslam.

  • wwe need velvet sky.

  • D2K

    @ Cobra: Seriously, aren’t suggesting the WWE would ever do something sensible and logical would you? 🙂

  • poko

    It’s true, Velvet would be a nice addition to the WWE–if they used her.

    She was with TNA long enough, I think. Despite all the people who complain when a promotion signs talent that worked previously with another company, I think it can be a good thing for everyone involved. Sometimes a performer does everything you can do with a promotion, and going elsewhere lets them find a new audience, and lets their former promotion explore new characters and storylines.

    Personally, I would love to see Velvet come in and torment Kelly Kelly in true BP fashion.

  • Cobra

    Hogans not an option for Mr. Summerslam?! I’m pretty sure he’s undefeated in Summerslam

  • SYM

    @King TNA had Velvet on TV every week and they got here in a CMT Music Video. If anything Velvet was treated very well in TNA. The way TNA handled the situation was awful Though.

    Also I stopped listening to Mick Foley right around the time he praised Sheamus.

  • BlaH

    I was thinking the same thing Rabid. Sit backstage monday nights hoping a match on a three hour show that she wont get.
    Do u think if she signed would they send her to FCW or to the main roster?

  • King

    yeah cuz tna didnt do the very same thing to her before she left? thats part of why she left among other reasons

  • rabid

    Why so she can sit in the back and not appear on tv. Shes talented in the ring and should go somewhere shes utilized.