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Edge Responds To Tweet Advising Him To Join TNA, Hogan Discusses Tape Scandal

– On Twitter, retired wrestler Adam “Edge” Copeland responded to a fan remark advising him to join TNA Wrestling. The remark read, “Since they offered you such an insulting Legends salary at @WWE, you should join TNA.”

The WWE Hall of Famer responded, “Don’t believe the hype kid.”

– Promoting Bound For Glory, Hulk Hogan appeared on HLN’s Showbiz Tonight on Wednesday night. The interview instead centered on the sex tape scandal that he says “turned his world upside down.”

Hogan said that during a low point in his life he made a bad decision. Now he is praying that it wasn’t his best friend, Bubba the Love Sponge, who betrayed him and released the tape. (Watch)

– TNA X Division Champion Zema Ion teased the following on Twitter for tonight’s episode of Impact Wrestling: “Just arrived in Orlando for @IMPACTWRESTLING live on @SpikeTV…who will I injure tonight? Forget Aces & Eights. I’m the true “arm breaker.”

  • Eddie Money

    I’m sure if edge COULD wrestle he’d probably be feuding with Sheamus for the belt

  • Pig

    You people are stupid…..Edge = bad neck, cant wrestle. Retired, he is DONE!

    Let him enjoy his post wrestling life.

  • luckysalt

    who’s Zema gunna face at BFG?

  • eric

    Edge doesn’t need cash. he is not a broke hasbeen from 80’s who needs cash to pay off his money hungry wife. i am refering to hogan wife linda btw. Edge has millions and millions in his bank account. unlike alot of other former wrestlers cough cough ric flair. edge save all of hus money. Is enjoying his life post wrestling. He is just like jbl who doesn’t need money. jbl is in wwe because he want to. don’t because he broke as hogan and flair. Hulk hogan need go. edge is wwe guy. will not show up tna. also if tna would get rid og hulk hasbeen. that would be alot better. tna was alot better before hogan and bischoff show up.

  • Nick

    I would hate to see edge in tna, but him as GM would sure as hell be alot better than hogan. Wouldnt be the same though unless he came out to metalingus.

  • mtlhitman

    Edge,john morrisson,melina,beth phoenix,karma,luke from tough enough would be a great had to tna wrestling and roster would bring in free wrestler new feud good entertainment but i dont see it happening no cash to get all of them in their federation same time.Good thing is they are now available east europe and canada , us and other part of the world they need more fans more ppv buy and need to upgrade their feud and storyline bring new wrestlers in.

  • Logan

    Why would Edge even go to TNA? I’m sure he doesn’t need the money.

  • PinkSinCara

    I’m sure Dixie is setting up Hogan vs Bubba the Love Sponge on a future TNA pay per view.

  • Nick

    if edge joins tna, i will dislike him and yeah