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Edge thinks John Cena’s promo on Undertaker was hokey

John Cena

John Cena cut a passionate promo on the Undertaker on this week’s episode of Monday Night Raw though it appears that WWE Hall Of Famer Edge was not impressed with it.

During the recent episode of E&C’s Pod Of Awesomeness podcast, Edge talked about the upcoming match between these two among other things.

While talking about Cena’s promo from the show, the former World Champion said that his promo was ‘pretty hokey’ and it’s didn’t feel like this was the moment for that:

“The John Cena promo, I thought it was pretty hokey, I’m not going to lie. It was cool at some points, but then it was very‚Ķ I don’t know, just a very hokey delivery. And I know that’s Cena’s schtick sometimes, but it just didn’t feel like this was the moment or the opponent for that, I think. That was my gut when I first watched it. Yeah, I don’t know.”

What did you think about John Cena’s promo on the Undertaker and their upcoming match? Let us know your thoughts on the comment section.

  • BiggEZ

    Now I’m TOTALLY digging Taker coming back as the Badass, but if he’s not at 100% then why risk it? Cena should face HHH in a “EGO VS EGO” match.

  • CC

    The biggest problem with this whole angle is Cena goes on about “Hustle, loyalty and respect” as his holy mantra, then totally disrespects The Undertaker by calling him a coward etc.
    Yes, the idea is supposed to set a fire under the Undertaker to get him to return. But it is hardly “respectful”.

    The other problem is that nobody really wants to see this match. Cena is not exactly known for great in ring talent, and Taker should have retired after he lost to Brock, so I am not exactly expecting a show stealer of a match. Also, after the whole “retirement” angle at last years Mania, it should have been left at that.

    Granted, the rumours of American Badass Taker makes sense given that Kid Rock is going into the HoF (he could play Takers entrance live), and they could just be saying that the Dead man character is retired by him taking off the outfit, but all the same, as a huge Undertaker fan, I would have rather see him go out on top, in prime condition.

  • Arnold Jackson

    Cena needs a mania moment is the point. It’s a lame point at best.

  • Arnold Jackson

    Edge is not wrong. Everyone knows the Undertaker is going to work Mania, why drag it out at this point. We know he will only give Cena a sign at Mania, when Cena calls him out in the ring at Mania for the last time. Just hate seeing Cena make a joke out of it every week on RAW.

  • Omar

    Everything about this “feud” is hokey.

    The way wwe is playing this story where Cena is berating Taker just to get his own “place at wrestlemania” (aka pay day) is totally hokey and paints everything in a bad colour. There is no story reason for this feud.