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Edge Unable to Reach Agreement with WWE, Cole’s ‘Heel Gimmick’ Changing

– As previously reported, Edge’s WWE contract was set to expire on April 30th. Edge did not sign a new deal with the company. He met with WWE officials a few weeks back when he showed up to give John Cena a pep talk, but the two sides were unable to reach an agreement.

Edge pulled out of an appearance for Resistance Pro Wrestling show on May 11th due to filming for Haven but has promised to appear at a future show.

– Michael Cole’s heel gimmick has been transitioned away. His new role is to be an edgy style of character who respects John Laurinaitis as one of the top heels but has a more neutral stance. This was seen on Monday when he was very sympathetic toward Cena after he was attacked.

Credit: Wrestling Observer

  • This Guy

    Bring back JBL as a commentator…

  • Buttercastle

    Half the reason Lawler was so entertaining was because every 3 minutes he was gettin excited about “puppies”. You can’t expect that to fly these days.

  • Jason

    I have been liking Cole lately. I couldn’t stand him for years, but he isn’t so bad now.

  • Wellsy

    I miss the days where the colour commentator was actually colourful. Jerry Lawler has been so boring for so many years, which is a shame because he was hilarious during the Attitude era.
    Jerry laughing at the misery of others and making fun of it whilst JR was virtually upset at what was happening was a great balance, very similar to Gorilla and Heenan.
    Cole being arrogant and irritating whilst Lawler just calls him names is pretty droll.

  • sam mccourt

    he was once my favourite announcer, i don’t lile his heel gimmick

  • Hunter

    Cole hasn’t ever been against Cena has he? Seem to recall him constantly creaming himself at JC’s comebacks.