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More on Edge’s WWE Future, Vince Down on Sin Cara’s Special Entrance

– Vince McMahon hates Sin Cara’s entrance using the trampoline since he’s messed it up two out of three times he’s performed it at a TV taping. After last night’s RAW, the special Cara may be completely scrapped or altered.

– Edge is still under contract to WWE and will be working with them later this year to promote his new WWE Studios movie. Everyone expects Edge to remain a part of the WWE family, similar to Shawn Michaels.

Tonight’s SmackDown tapings is his last scheduled appearance for the company for the time being.

Source: PWInsider

  • JAck45

    @ the great one
    Dude give it a rest…
    If u don’t like vince so much, stop watching his shows. turn over to TNA or some other brand.
    Your whining is getting very very old.

    Sin Cara is great, but the match blew hard, not his fault at all.
    The entrance is pretty lame I must admit, I’d prefer him slide in and do a flip to stand up rather than jump over the top rope.
    Vince is stating the obvious its been botched 2 outta 3 times, luckily for everyones sake he hasn’t caught his foot and landed face first or worse injured himself just for an entrance.

    Edge wont be GM, and he wont even be around for a while… To be honest its said that he wont ever be cleared to wrestle again, its said nothing on further surgery that could occur, perhaps hes just leaving for surgery to be able to be cleared.
    It wouldn’t of been the first time something like this has been done
    *cough* HBK, Austin, Flair, Hogan, Foley list goes on *cough*

    I think he will have surgery write a book or 2 take some much needed time off and comeback in a year or 2.
    Just my opinion

  • erik

    wwe should have sin cara come out in a low rider just like late eddie guerreo.

  • Bill

    @F BOMB, I feel that although Edge is fantastic, he’s not at HBK/Taker/Bret legend status. I know there have been young GMs(Steph, Tiffanny), but once Edge becomes at that status, he could be a GM. He’s way too fresh in our minds, still. Once he gets older, I think he could actually become a GM. Here’s an example of what I mean. CM Punk was GREAT on commentary. If he retired today, would you want him straight on commentary permanently? As much as I like him, he would feel a little out of place. Now, if someone like Jericho retired, he could be on commentary or be GM because he’s more of an “older legend”. The bottom line is(not a Stone Cold pun), Edge is too young & fresh in our minds to get a new job in WWE.

  • zach

    get a bigger trampoline and maybe it would easier for sin cara

  • Steve

    Didn’t realize there was an age requirement to be the Raw GM

  • CC

    I like how people judge Sin Cara on one match and two run ins. Yeah, he’s had so much time to show what he can do hasnt he.

    Oh and Starship Pain, the day I see Cena do just 1% of what Sin Cara can do is the day I Sin Cara overrated … and that day will be the 12th of Never.

  • F BOMB

    @Bill 2 young how?

  • angel

    it so sad to hear his retirment.

  • Starship Pain

    Yeah, he’s overrated. He was ‘Mexico’s Own John Cena-with-a-mask’ in CMLL.

  • The Great One

    @mannul, thats because of vince, vince fucking forces them to dumb down there moveset, cara has about 100 moves, vince will let him use about 5 if he is lucky, vince takes unbelievabley talented guys and fucks them over in favour of fucking idiots like cena.

  • Goku

    Don’t Be A Dumb-ass, You’re Not Going To See His Whole Repertoire In One Match.

  • Bill

    Edge is too young to be a GM, but maybe in a few years.

  • Mannul

    Sin Cara is too overrated. He doesn’t do many spectacular moves. All I saw were mostly hurricanranas and headscissors from him.

  • cenaWWE™®

    arguing with a computer (or as it were his self) lmao

  • Jimbo

    That would be terrific if Edge “turned out” to be the Anonymous RAW GM. So many people would mark like little school girls.

  • Jason

    That would be ironic wouldn’t after all the crap he’s gone thru with the anon GM.

  • Steve

    So Edge is going to be the Anonymous Raw GM??? :-p

  • rob

    hopefully cara. not a fan. too flashy he looks like a figurine

  • adam

    sooo there scraping cara or the entrance?