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How Did Edwards and Richards Get Another Tryout with WWE?, More News on Their Future

– We noted before that Ring of Honor stars Davey Richards and Eddie Edwards were not offered a WWE deal after their tryout because Triple H felt they were built from the same mold as guys like Sami Callihan, Sami Zayn, Daniel Bryan or CM Punk, and WWE has enough “indie-looking” guys. A WWE source said, “Triple H feels we have enough Tyson Kidds.”

With Richards and Edwards currently at the WWE Performance Center for a week-long tryout, many fans have been wondering what led to WWE bringing them back. Word is that William Regal went to Triple H and really fought for Richards and Edwards, explaining that they are really good in the ring and deserved to get another look.

Many feel that this week-long tryout may be a precursor to Edwards and Richards being signed to a short three-month deal. The duo may be finishing up with Ring of Honor at the December 14th Final Battle event.

Source: PWInsider

  • Scooter

    Honestly, both of them are just D-Bryan lite. Look at Sami Zayne and Sami Callihan both very different from any other “indy” guys” WWE has right now.

    I have to say signing indy guys just to have indy guys is dumb if they don’t have anything that makes them must have guys.

  • HateMeAllYouLike

    I think Triple H is right, because fair enough all these guys are talented no doubt, but without variety it would just be a ROH pt II and although most of the dipshits on sites like these want that, it would just be boring, fair enough dudes can do 500 moves but when thats all you get because none of these guys can tell a story aswell as wrestle then it’d go downhill, plus in my opinion Edwards is wank, Richards is only worthy.

    Props to Regal for doing that though.