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Elimination Chamber PPV Buys Below 200k, The Rock Training For WrestleMania

— WWE has released their latest Key Performance Indicators report and last month’s Elimination Chamber is estimated to have drawn 180,000 pay-per-view buys. This figure is based on WWE averaging 309,000 pay-per-views buys in the first quarter of 2012 and the Royal Rumble garnering 438,000 buys.

Last year’s Elimination Chamber pay-per-view event drew 199,000 buys while the 2010 show scored 285,000.

— Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson tweeted Sunday afternoon that he is training in the ring for next week’s encounter against John Cena. He wrote, with this enclosed picture, “Meditating in my sanctuary. Training for @JohnCena #WM28 @SportsCenter @espn @nfl #TeamBringIt.”

— Former WWE star Stevie Richards has been announced to appear at WrestleReunion 7 on March 31 at the Miami Beach Deauville Resort 6701 Collins Ave. Miami, Florida.

  • sam

    i don’t get why jason constantly comes on this site, goes to the WWE section and starts talking about TNA. GTFO if you’re going to to that.

  • Pissed Off Fan =(

    I personally think they should just forget the brand split and do it like before. That way you can have the wrestles fued with ANYBODY & not be limited

  • chronoxiong

    They should blame the weak Smackdown Elimination Chamber Match for the low buy. I enjoyed the match but the lack of star power didn’t help interest fans.

  • adam

    I’d actually find it sad if he really did work for them because that would mean instead of doing actual work he is staying on this site calling us marks because we dont like what impact is doing although he is the biggest mark there is so kinda the pot calling the kettle black thing there.

  • Pissed Off Fan =(


    Bro, we all know and including yourself that you don’t work for TNA! Why do you keep thiss joke up? seriously why

  • Charismatic Otunga

    As a matter of fact I like that TNA is not doing bad (I wish they were doing better), because it can only be good for wrestling and wrestlers. A strong competition would push WWE to offer a better product, to keep pushing the boundaries, and that can only be good for us the fans.

    Thanks for the numbers Jason, it is good to have another opinion here.

  • adam

    Ok well then to alter what venom said if i May…199,000 is still more then 75,000 which is what you claim TNA buys to be. And if Impact Wrestling is averging 75,000 and this was a low point for WWe you got alot of ground to make up Jason. And yes 199,000 is bad considering it is a ppv going into wrestlmania it is supposed to be huge but considering major stars were hurt its alright. Like others have said khali and santino should not of been in the main event they were just thrown in there because to many people are banged up.

  • Jason

    Maybe Dick C if in fact TNA PPV buy rates where in deed going down but they are not. There going up each year while WWE’s seem to go down.

  • dick cockwrinkle

    Shouldnt TNA be worried that if WWE ppv buy rates are going down that they’re in even more danger, being the second rate wrestling company?

  • Melissa Mounds

    Because people are able to stream their crap for free online!

  • Jimbo

    Both WWE and TNA are shit. Get over it.

  • Jason

    Still waiting for that e-mail Findley? Anyday now

  • Jason

    Venom I just said according to Carter, Bischoff and Jarrett. I also said only five people know the real numbers and three of those five people are Carter, Bischoff and Jarrett. Do you not read well?

    And to KF, a few 100 people said the PPV was crap and a few 100 said the ppv was good. Mixed reaction from a crowed of about only 700 via votes. I would not base my judgment on just that. lol

  • Jason

    BTW for an FBI agent you don’t read so well. Last year was 199,000. This year was 180,000.

  • Jason

    Besides that my point was the same as it was last year and the year before that and so on and so on. The WWE numbers on all fronts are going down year after year.

    It would not be too bad if it just went down one year and went back up the next. But this is not the case. Say what you will about TNA but at least the numbers go up each year and don’t go down each year.

  • Jason

    Well venom that might be a case for you to debate on if and only if you could prove what the real TNA PPV buys are. Carter reports them at the 75,000 mark on avg. So does Bischoff and Jarrett. Those three are three of the five people that have that info. Dirt sheets and inside wish they were in the business reporters for wrestling of all things don’t have them legit wise either.

  • “Bad Man” Bigelow

    Miz was the last man pinned in the “opening Main event”. Do we blame him for the low buy-rate here?

  • Loopy420


  • Jason

    Keeps getting lower and lower each year. Serves them right for promoting such a shit product with no long term booking.

    I do feel sorry for the talent though because as a result of this they will all lose money. Sad for that