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Elimination Chamber Update, Swagger Returns, Tensai Dances

– Despite our previous report, WWE has not made official the list of SmackDown Elimination Chamber participants. The names were teased on SmackDown but nothing is official yet.

– Jack Swagger returned to the storyline on last night’s SmackDown and will likely be in the Elimination Chamber match. Swagger has been ranting about how a “revolution” is coming on his Twitter.

– Tensai is over as a babyface in his new dancing gimmick. Tensai received a big pop at last night’s live event in Chattanooga, Tennessee. He defeated Alex Riley in a dance contest before beating him in a normal match. Riley then demanded a rematch but got squashed in under 30 seconds. Tensai danced after the match as the crowd cheered for him.

  • Sean Kaboni


  • JohnCena33

    I dont think so. He could actually be a credible USA Champ or Tag Team Champ with Clay if WWE continues to build him up.

  • Kyle Abraham

    the return of the Hip Hop Hippo?! anybody remember that terrible gimmick when he got paired with Scotty 2 Hotty?

  • Cboz78

    Call him A-Train and have him dress up just like Brodus. It might work.

  • Scott Davies

    Think they will team him up with Brodus Clay?

  • D2K

    I have a better idea. How about they just let him be A-Train again. You know. A gimmick that worked for him.

  • Jeff Wurtz

    Tensai will be one of the post WM cuts without a doubt

  • Dominic Foley

    This new Tensi character totally sucks!! What the man needs to do is loose a bit of weight, get a bit better in the ring and for WWE creative to actually make the Tensi character worth something. When he debuted after being in Japan for a few years I thought his character if developed would turn into a great heel, but as usual WWE back-pedals. It looks like they are trying to turn him into another Santino 🙁