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Eric Bischoff Blasts Blogger Over Facebook Message

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Eric Bischoff took issue yesterday to something was posted on his Facebook page where a fan said that if he were in any other business and had not delivered for them the way that he hasn’t delivered for TNA, he would have been fired by now. Bischoff actually called the audio blog that the poster does and took him to task for what the blogger posted. It was an interesting exchange that featured Bischoff harping on every incorrect statement that the poster made, as well as repeatedly asking him if he knew confidential company numbers. A few interesting points come out of the exchange. One was that Bischoff totally distanced himself from the creative process, at one point largely implying that it was an area that needed fixing. I found this interesting because it was only a few months ago that Bischoff was posting about being a part of the process with Vince Russo and Matt Conway. He even thanked them for covering for him when he took his long siesta back in June (while the Paul Heyman to TNA talks were ongoing). Unfortunately the blogger didn’t know that and thus didn’t call Bischoff on it, letting him off the hook. The other interesting thing that came out of it was that when the blogger would make statements like “TNA has lost more money this year than they have lost in the last seven combined”, Bischoff asked him how he knew that. The blogger said it was on the internet and anyone could find it. Ouch dude, really bad stance to take. Bischoff pointed out that is BS and that TNA’s numbers are not public knowledge because they are a private company. It gave him the perfect out because folks, estimates may be on the internet but no true TNA financial numbers are. When asked to divulge some of these numbers, Bischoff repeatedly fell back on the stance that it was proprietary information. He did say that Reaction has been a financial boon to TNA, and also said that merchandising deals have risen due to Hulk Hogan and himself joining the company. Bischoff also said he wasn’t there to give the guy information but rather to have him defend the statement that Bischoff should be fired from TNA. It’s just a shame that the blogger made statements that were easy to refute because that is what Bischoff focused on. Had the blogger been able to put a more cogent argument out there, it would have been very interesting to see how Bischoff would have reacted. Honestly, I was shocked that Bischoff would even bother calling into a show like this but it made for an interesting piece that you can listen to by clicking here.

  • me

    why do people feel the need to hack on others .must be college kids feeling their short comings

  • jim

    thats all bichoff does is bash people who dont agree with the crappy product him and hogan put out.they are so out of touch witht he fans and their egos are so huge if the fans want something they do the opposite because they feal the fans know nothing about wrestling.when in reality the fans know what they want to see.most fans dont want to see the stupid jeff jarrett MMA segments every week.yet eric bichoff would tell you that you know not what you are talking about.

  • David


    He didn’t have to. He was upset at the fact some blogger said he should be fired for the decisions TNA has made. The only thing Bischoff needed to do was expose the person who said those things and let it be known that he has no idea what he’s talking about. He didn’t have to back up anything with any numbers or figures because the whole reason he went on the show was to call the guy out for being ignorant.

    I’m not a TNA mark, but Eric made some very valid points; don’t criticize people for things that they have no part of. Has TNA made more money this year than last year? Most likely. Have the ratings gone up since last year. Yes, but not much. The quality of the entertainment was better in previous years but its not about that anymore, its about bringing in people with big names and creating controversy (Bischoff owes me $5 for that 😉 )

  • CC

    I think the fact that Bischoff felt the need to do this and the fact that he wouldnt reveal any numbers, suggests that a raw nerve was hit.
    It might be a private company, but would if you were defending the company, would it not make sense to back up your claim with a few figures? It wouldnt have to be anything too revealing, just pick the main ones to defend your point. Hell, you could even make something up.

    Simple fact is, he says he wasnt there to give information but to have the guy defend his statement, yet by not giving information, he his comments are no different.
    The blogger says something and doesnt back it up with facts, and Bischoff says something then doesnt back that up with facts either.

  • Rated_R1982

    yeah ya might wanna learn how to use periods (full stops) properly too writer dude! it’s just a suggestion!

  • Kelly

    Paragraphs use them.