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Eric Bischoff Blasts Hulk Hogan’s Ex-Wife on Twitter

Eric Bischoff was not at Sunday’s TNA Final Resolution in Orlando due to “personal business” in Arizona, but noted on Twitter that will be back in Orlando for this week’s TNA television tapings.

Bischoff made his first public comments about the latest Hulk vs. Linda lawsuit:

“Been silent on the Hulk and Linda divorce since the beggining. Glad to hear he is filing a suit against her. She is a pig in every sense. Actually the only thing more disgusting than Linda Hogan is that pissant creepy little punk thats sleeping with that skank.”

When asked by a fan about Linda Hogan’s much younger 22-year-old boyfriend Charlie Hill, Bischoff said:

“Actually, if I was his age I would throw up in my mouth the first time I saw her naked. Ughhh.”

  • Jason

    Good for Bischoff

  • Skittle Gang Solider

    She is a bigger media whore than she is just a plain gutter whore. If anyone buys into this they are brought right back down to her level. I’m not saying Hulkster is a humanitarian of the year or that I even like him personally, but this is obviously a pr move to get her name in the tabloids and sell a book. It’s sickening to me in every way, but I expected nothing less. It was obvious to me she was a golddigger to begin with, but I have a feeling hulk was ok with it. They both are idiots imo…

  • Matt

    its still better than what terry himself says about his wife now im sure 😛

  • Sammo

    Bischoff and Hogan have been best buddies for years… So isn’t a bit odd of him to say that seeing Linda naked would make someone puke?!

    I’d be pretty pissed off if one of my best friends said that about a woman I had been with for over 20 years.

  • Tyler(:

    Hulk Hogan’s Ex-Wife vs Hulk Hogan’s current ‘partner’.

  • Bawb

    Ya know…I’d respect these veterans, especially the business/managerial/presidential/company type like Eric Bischoff, if they just offered a brief vulgar-less opinion of certain topics. “Skank” and “throw up in my mouth if I ever saw her naked” just don’t sound like professional public statements lol.

    I’m not saying these guys can’t express their voice however they’d like to, but if you ever read J.R.’s tweets when he responds to bullshit, he sounds incredibly calm, cool, collected, and respectable.