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Eric Bischoff Denies Buff Bagwell’s TNA Claims, Impact Viewership News

– Buff Bagwell claimed in a recent interview he had been talking with Eric Bischoff about returning to TNA Wrestling. According to Bischoff, this isn’t true. Bischoff wrote the following statement on Twitter.

Eric Bischoff @EBischoff
FYI, havent had a conversation with Marc Bagwell in 15 years or more. Not sure what conversations he “thinks” hes had with me.

– Thursday’s epiosde of TNA Impact did 1,242,000 viewers, which is down from last week.

  • eric

    Also francine would be alot better of valet/manager than vickie guerreo. who does nothing but steal spotlight from dohlp. francine never stole spotlight from shane when she was in ecw in 90’s . francine would be better manager than vickie.

  • eric

    I mean former wrestlers from 90’s who were in major big league promotions like wcw or wwe. alot of guys from 90’s look horrible. like they never lifted weight or workout in 8-10 7yrs ex shane douglas, scott hall, nasty boys. vader put on alot weight. there is just a selected few former wrestlers from wcw, wwe or even ecw. who are still in great shape they were in 90’s in there prime of there careers. rvd, bagwell, disco inferno, ddp, just to name few. even francine who not in her prime as manager. is still in great shape. looks very good. from what i see from shoot interviews on youtube. would rather see sexy francine in wwe. than vickie!

  • eric

    bagwell been working alot matches in indy level. saw him wrestle tna samoa joe in 2005 at indy show. he was still in great shape. it was good solid match bagwell wrestle vs joe 7 yrs ago. unlike most of former wrestlers from 90’s who are fat outshape look like crap. bagwell 7 yrs ago. also in new pwi magazing. looks to still be in great shape he was 11 yrs ago in wcw 2001. tna hiring bagwell for one yr deal. would not be bad thing!

  • nikki

    just because you work with someone does NOT mean you have to talk to them.A guy with bischoffs power he had in wcw can just tell anyone tell bagwell this ect…very simple.15 years maybe a little much but its atleast 12 years

  • Razo Power

    Lol what a fail @15 years

  • How eric hasn’t talk to him 15 years or more when he worked with him in wcw 15 years or more.