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– Alex Marvez of Scripps News has a new interview up with Eric Bischoff. Here are some of the highlights:

Bischoff on why he hooked up with TNA: “It was the combination of a lot of things. Most of all, I like Dixie. She has a lot of integrity and I like to be in business with people like that. Secondly, I saw an opportunity. The way we have our deal structured is great for Bischoff-Hervey Entertainment. And this provided me with a chance to get back into a business I love. I believe a creative person who has a certain feel for this business can change the fortunes of this company in a good way.”

Bischoff on learning from WCW: “No matter what people have said or written about me, I know what I accomplished changed the business and had a positive impact. I also made a lot of mistakes and have the scar tissue to prove it. I’m going to try and repeat the good stuff and avoid the bad stuff.”

Bischoff on Vince McMahon: “I have a tremendous respect for Vince and, in a perverse way, like him. But at the end of the day, I think I’m better than him. I’m more creative than him and have a better feel for the business. It’s just that he happens to be a lot more successful than I am.”

  • Michael

    being fair. Eric Bischoff has talent. But he can’t focus himself to become one of the best. (remember the Elimination Chamber concept?)

    If he stayed in the WWE, i bet my ass it will be a success. But i guess, ego vs ego. Vince’s ego vs Bischoff’s ego.

  • Spy

    I think it’s pretty clear who’s better…. Vinny Mac ofcourse. Vinny’s been in the business for like, ever. E. Bish? He got himself put OUT of the business. HA! E. Bish sounds like he’s going to do the right thing (try anyway) but sometimes when you mess up the first time you DON’T really try again. You move on. Like Hoga- oooh wait…

  • sean

    if he was better vince would be in tna saying the same bullshit eric did somewhat change the bussiness a little i will give him that but to say u know more than vince is a joke let me see eric start a company from scratch like jeff did and make it what it is today i was watching thursday night when eric said i will not have u ruin my show as if tna was his baby lol

  • sublime

    i Always liked eric bishoff.

  • NuclearShadow

    There are many minds behind what occurs in pro-wrestling most of which is not seen by the fans. Vince and Bischoff while certainly both influenced and expanded pro-wrestling they were only part of many minds and hands. They do deserve respect and credit but certainly not to the extend they are often given.



  • Valo487

    Bischoff is talented, no question, but his problem is he can’t keep his eye on the ball, and I’d also be very interested to see what would have happened with WCW if Bischoff hadn’t had someone else’s money keeping them afloat. Bischoff, by his own admission, wanted to put the then WWF out of business……why? So he could have a monopoly over the whole business? As bad as WWE can be at times, I shudder to think what would have happened had Bischoff, with his love for guys who were past their prime and lack of interest to build his own stars besides DDP and Goldberg, become the only game in town. Granted, he was somewhat hamstrung by the contracts these guys got that allowed them to control their character, but I’ve always felt Bischoff struck oil with the NWO, but then continued to dig in that spot forever, convinced there was more to be found instead of moving on and continuing to develop new ideas and talents.

  • Jd

    Real reason he’s in tna… Hard not to with his head so far up hogan’s butt

  • Devil_Rising


    No. Not at all. Eric ran someone ELSE’S business, and for the only time it’s that company’s career, he actually made it successful and profitable. Vince OWNS his own business, and is a billionaire who never has to work again if he doesn’t want to. Bischoff was in a bad situation, in that he was running a company that was also being run by A) a bunch of egotistical old wrestles who didn’t want to put over young guys, and yes that included Ric Flair, and B) a bunch of corporate s**tbags who not only didn’t understand wrestling, they didn’t like it, and wanted it to fail.

    So with that in mind, he was kind of doomed no matter what. But you can’t question his creativity, or the fact that he did change the business, for better or worse. Vince had to change the WWF just because of Eric. If EB had been allowed to buy WCW, and would have been given the TV time he needed to keep it relevant, I bet you anything that he could have made it profitable again, and without the old wrestlers and without the corporate d*cks, I bet he could have had a lot of success.

    And this is coming from a guy who always liked WWF way better than WCW. I just respect Bischoff is all, and I think for all the cr*p he’s gotten, he’s likely a better PERSON than Vince ever has been.

  • Deva469

    u got to give this to eric bischoff though.. he atleast tries to give what the fans want.. listens to the fans.. while vince doest not give a fly fuck about the fans and c. r. a. p. s. on them. he only cares about what he likes.. the writers pretty much write a show for one person

  • CC

    Scooter, that is not even the same thing. Cena is successful because he is pushed by McMahon and WWE. Its false success. Vince though, is where he is because he is a better business man and fans obviously preferred WWF to WCW.
    Bisch had Vince by the balls during the height of the Monday night wars, and fucked it all up.
    Doesnt sound like the better man to me.

  • Clinnerd

    As a HUGE TNA fan I’m hoping that Bischoff and Hogan learned from the mistakes they made in WCW. I was a huge WCW fan, and nearly never even watched WWE until WCW closed. If Bischoff and Hogan can pull what they did in the 90’s without just repeating it, then I’m all for it. TNA has tons of great stars, I do feel like Hogan if done right will help people see just how great they are. I remember back in the day, people said they watched WCW for wrestling and WWE for the stories…..for the most part the same can be said today between TNA and WWE. Though both are lacking in the storyline dept. And I hope the “old” guys coming into TNA are temporarily to catch the casual fan’s eye.

  • scooter

    thats like saying john cena is better than dean malenko matt which obviously he is not

  • Matt

    I guess he’s better than you Eric if he’s more successful

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