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Eric Bischoff Talks Vince Russo, Honky Tonk Talks WWE HOF

– Honky Tonk has posted a message on his official website (written in “third person”) about declining an offer to be in WWE’s Hall of Fame:

To John Laurinaitis – 2nd February 2010

HTM would like to clear a few things concerning his declining of the HOF offer from WWE. First John Laurinaitis the head of Talent Relations for WWE treated me with the utmost respect. He dealt with me as a first class gentleman and what we in the business call “one of the boys.” John was up front with me from day one. He has a difficult job as a middle man trying to negotiate for the final say in everything that happens in the company. The final say comes down to Vince McMahon
. Can you imagine the number of phone calls John has to make on his day off or the number of calls he receives on a day off from Vince.

From all of us at HTM we want to say we were out of place to infer that John Laurinatis was behind any bait and switch scheme with HTM.

We say thank you John for trying to get HTM into the HOF.


– With the recent additions of Eric Bischoff and Hulk Hogan to TNA Wrestling, many have wondered how they would interact with Vince Russo, whom they had trouble working with in WCW. Eric Bischoff has posted a few messages on Twitter this week about Russo specifically:

On Monday, Bischoff wrote: “Vince Russo has a new book out….I am going to be VERY interested in what he has to say in his book. Hmmm”

This morning, he wrote: “Sorry to disappoint all of you who are expecting heat between Russo and I. Actually enjoy working with him so far. Ed [Ferrara] and Matt [Conway] too.”

  • tmiz

    no comments from bitter smarks no?

  • RED

    i expect heat up, your ass you mofo’s

  • Ant loves opinionist)

    I’mma tell u people my opinion based on watching wrestling since i was about 8 years old.Many of u may like what i say or may not but here’s the thing.There are a lot of highs and lows in TNA.I hate when people say TNA sucks altogether because that is far from the truth.There are the highs:As much as I love WWE and would never betray the WWE for TNA,I gotta admit that TNA wrestling is really fast paced and unpredictable which i very much like.Say what u want about TNA hiring former WWE wrestlers but u have to think that they just picked up where somebody else left off.Kurt Angle is way better in TNA than he was ever in WWE.That being said my favorite Kurt Angle match was the one between him and Shawn Michaels at Wrestlemania 20.Extroadinary match.AJ Styles is a phenomenal athlete and it’s sad to see him as a heel because i loved him as a face but that’s the direction TNA chose to go.I kind of like the different turn TNA has gone through since Hulk Hogan came on board like Angelina Love turning face and Bobby Lashley getting fired and Scott Hall and Syxx Pac turning on Kevin Nash which will result in Eric Young turning face and helping Nash which will ultimately lead to the destruction of that horrible stable The World Elite.I like that.That being said there are a lot of negatives in TNA like sometimes if you notice you an’t really tell whos a face and whos a heel anymore it’s all kind of scrambled and in any pro wrestling organization there needs to be faces and heels.Also i don’t like former WWE Superstars who talk **** about the WWE when it made there career.Case in point,Hulk Hogan who to me is the biggest hasbeen in pro wrestling right now.Ric Flair pissed me off because WWE gave him such a big send off and then he goes and jumps ship to TNA.Thats trashy and stupid.I REALLY REALLY REALLY don’t like the way TNA is treating Jeff Jarrett and I don’t like the way there is so much talent in TNA that stars like Raven and Tomko and Rhyno aren’t being used in any storylines.I liked it when Mich Foley had some storyline power in TNA.Now it just seems like they treat him like garbage.I kind of don’t like Bischoff and I really wish they would kick Scott Hall’s old *** out of TNA because he is too damn old and Syxx pac atleast looks a little bit in shape.And what the hell happened to the six sided ring.And what happened to the X Divison.Is Rob Terry a face or not?Overall TNA is good but they need to make some adjustments.Just my opinion.You don’t have to agree with me but most people do.Lmao.No but seriously read this and tell me what you think.Positive or Negative.