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Eric Young Re-signs with TNA Wrestling

– Eric Young revealed on Twitter that he has re-sgined with TNA Impact Wrestling. Here is what he wrote.

To be clear. Just re-signed with Impact wrestling. Great day and when I come back ill be better and crazier then ever that’s a promise!!!!!

  • eric

    yeah i enjoy when tna had eric young go heel as leader of world elite in 2009. he was brillant as heel leader of world elite group. i perfer a more seious heel young. tna putting him with orlando jordan and odb not very good. if tna were to have him as heel of heel faction/group i would be for that. i would say tna should have eric young odb drop tna tag belts to sarita rayne. or any 2 ko’s so tna ko tag belts can be legit. also have young as heel. he was brilant as leader of world elite in 2009. still watch old tna ppv from 2009. 2009 was decent yr for tna. decent ppvs alot better than victory road 2011. which was tna worst ppv so far.

  • grizz

    It is great to hear Eric is back, I really enjoy watching him he always comes up with something new. TNA should drop the storyline with him and ODB, who would want to be with that skanky hole?

  • poko

    Glad Eric Young is back, he’s really entertaining. Even if they do have him drop the KO Tag belts, I hope they find a way to keep him on television.

  • eric

    can tna have young and odb drop tna ko tag team belts to 2 ko’s. don’t even care if it if it is rayne and sarita. young and odb should not be women tag team champs. it is bad idea. bet it was hogan idea!