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ESPN Personality Rips CM Punk Over Nike Comments, Sabu Added To WWE Website

– Colin Cowherd slammed professional wrestling and CM Punk Thursday on ESPN Radio over Twitter remarks the WWE Champion made concerning Nike’s endorsement deal with mixed martial artist Jon “Bones” Jones.

The outspoken radio personality labeled wrestlers as “roided freaks” and said they have no right to talk about morals due to the industry’s staggering number of premature deaths. Cowherd also alluded to Owen Hart falling to his death at a WWE event in 1999, stating, “A wrestler died in the ring and they just rolled him out and kept going.” Cowherd then ran down Punk and his penchant for tattoos. The diatribe lasted approximately ten minutes.

Punk stated last night immediately following the endorsement announcement, “Let’s reward more drunk drivers with endorsement deals! #responsibility.” He was referring to Jon’s DUI conviction, stemming from a May 19 incident in which Jones drunkenly crashed his Bentley into a utility pole.

– has added Sabu to its Alumni section. Though he is best known for his “trailblazing hardcore style” in Extreme Championship Wrestling, the death-defying wrestler appeared for WWE in 2006 and 2007.


  • Andy

    Has everyone forgotten the numerous books and testimonials by WRESTLERS who all said Vince gave them the option to NOT perform, but every single one of them laced up their boots and continued the show to HONOR Owen. Sounds like this Cowherd has a hard on for Bones Jones. Or perhaps just a grudge?

  • Kannonseese

    He is the guy that said eddie’s death was just another steroid user gone from the earth. There were several thousand people calling into espn about that. They even had an out going message about Eddie when you called. I hate that Coward prick!

  • Jefferson D’Arcy


    You’re clearly lying. Because I ordered that PPV too, and actually watched it. It was in May of 1999, Over The Edge. And when JR announced Owen had died, the PPV didn’t just cut off or end transmission. They continued the show. Was it the right thing to do? Out of respect for Owen, no. But they did pay tribute to him the following night on RAW.

    But they had a business to run. I get their reasons for going on with the PPV, not saying it was the right thing to do though morally. But they did go on. Because Austin lost the title to Taker that night. Shane double-crossed Austin, flipped him the double-bird, and Taker rolled up Austin for the 1-2-3.

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  • Turn Off The Dark

    What a douchebag. Yeah, Owen died in the ring. But honestly. He died doing something he loved to do. He loved wrestling and making the kids happy. And for one thing, the show must go on. That was a freakin’ pay per view with thousands of people there and TONS of people around the world who paid to see it. Do you really think Owen would have wanted them to stop the entire show on his behalf? No. Any DECENT wrestler is all about entertaining people and putting a smile on their face. If I was in the situation, I would want them to pay their respects and do the proper thing sometime AFTER the show, which they did. Not stop the whole damn thing because of me. Just saying. And trashing on someone for tattoos? Yeah…This guy is a complete and utter moron.

  • SYM

    What type of name is Cowherd? A BITCH NAME THATS WAT KINDA NAME IT IS!

  • CM Mark

    I bet he wouldn’t say any of that shit to Punk’s face.

  • Fred

    Let’s not forget the fact that he also shitted on Punk for having tattoos. What a douche nozzle.

  • Joe

    CM Punk has nothing to do with Owen Hart. This dipshit was making accusations of Punk after Punk expressed his personal feelings on his personal Twitter account. It is well established that Punk is straight-edge, hence his opinions on drunk driving. Steroids, premature deaths, and Owen Hart have nothing at all to do with Punk or his feelings on drunk driving. Tattoos also have nothing to do with drunk driving.

    Therefore, Colin Cowherd is a complete idiot.

  • scooter

    What a fucking idiot the fact he called out Punk saying all wrestlers are roided freaks just shows he knows nothing about him!

  • Tha don

    Yea cowherd had one of the most nasally annoying voices going, who cares what he says

  • BlaH

    The following are highlights from a recent interview with Kevin Nash:

    Nash on his comments about the size of top guys in WWE today: “I’m talking about them as wrestlers, I’m talking about them as their wrestling persona as far as visual. I’m not talking about anything [else]. I’ve stated before, these guys are incredibly great technical wrestlers. All of them. But there’s a reason why Christian Bale in Batman has armor on and is bigger than life. There’s a reason why in all these Marvel movies if [the guys] don’t have gigantic muscles and aren’t oversized, they’re CGIs. I don’t remember Stan Lee when he started Marvel Comics making a 5-foot-7 guy.”

    Nash on HBK being an exception to the rule: “Shawn Michaels was 6-foot-1 and a half and weighed 225 pounds in his prime. That’s a big difference between 5-foot-7. That’s a difference between a 6-foot-8 power forward and a 7-foot-1 center. CM Punk doesn’t have Shawn Michaels’ physical ability. I mean, Vince Carter and [Michael] Jordan are the same size.”

    Nash on the PG Era in WWE and CM Punk: “I think the number one thing that hurts still is the fact that they’re PG. I’m a huge fan of Punk’s [but] I’m sorry, it’s hard for me to watch two grown men say they’re going to beat the crap out of each other. That’s my personal opinion.

    “I’m also saying that it doesn’t look to me like he spends a lot of time in the weight room. I just think it would enhance his look and everything. We were all drug free and drug tested for years at the WWE, and there were a lot of guys that had great physiques. I think that comes with it.”

    Nash on the reaction to his comments: “You guys aren’t backstage, you guys aren’t around when the brass makes decisions. You guys aren’t around when they all say, ‘God, I wish he was bigger,’ [or] ‘God yeah, but the guy just doesn’t have enough size.’ It’s their opinion. I’m just stating my opinion. I’m not saying I’m right. But am I not allowed my opinion? I pay taxes, I’m allowed my opinion. In my opinion, that’s how I feel. That doesn’t mean anybody else has to jump aboard and say I have to agree with him because he says so.

    “Number one, I’ve always been an Internet darling and always will be and if I were to say something and was just somebody that didn’t have an opinion, you wouldn’t be calling me. It’s just because Kevin Nash said it. Oh my God, Kevin Nash said it. Oh my God, Jericho rebutted.

    “For Eddie [Guerrero] and Chris [Benoit], Eddie was a friend [and] Chris was a friend. When the tragedy went down with Benoit I think I was one of the few guys that went on TV and tried to make some sense of it. These people that think I’m desecrating deceased wrestlers; I’m talking about them as [wrestlers] and not the person. Sometimes I look at it and I just go you know what, don’t even have an opinion, be a sheep like everybody else.”

  • SpudimusPrime89

    ^Except they didn’t pretend it didn’t happen.

  • Gator

    I mean…when that guy who shot people recently during the Batman 3 premier,they didn’t continue the premier,did they?

  • Yes! 3X

    I’ll have to agree with him on the Owen Hart death. If an athlete died during an NFL game or a boxing match I’m pretty certain the show would come to a screeching halt. Wrestling promoters are the only ones sick and greedy enough to pretend nothing happened.

  • The Return of Me!

    @Robinson they didnt cancel the show just the airing of ppv for tv

  • Steve

    Uhhh, that’s definitely not what happened. They continued the show.

  • Robinson

    @gator. I ordered that ppv and after he fell they canceled the ppv so what that guy said was bull shit. They announced owen was dead then end the ppv

  • Jimbo

    People still listen to that guy?

  • Gator

    Yeah,I do agree with him on the Owen case.
    The show could and should have been stopped.

    When Osama nailed those guys on Sep 11,didn’t we stop doing our stuff and pay respect?

    They just dusted Owen out and took a dump on his corpse man,shame!

  • AJ’s Ass

    Colin Cowherd…The name says it all. COWARD