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ESPN Updates WWE Power Rankings & Slams John Cena’s Promo

ESPN has updated their WWE Power Rankings for the week. Listed below is this week’s top 5, with their rankings from last week in the parentheses.

1. CM Punk (1)
2. Dolph Ziggler (3)
3. The Shield (9)
4. Alberto Del Rio (4)
5. The Rock (2)

John Cena ranked at #10 this week after taking the #5 spot last week. ESPN wrote the following about John Cena’s promo on Raw.

This man used to be money on the mic, but his promo on Raw was seriously one of the most ridiculous, time-wasting experiences I’ve sat through in years. Curious to know whether his writers are really this out of touch, or if Cena actually thinks he’s being funny.

  • JJay

    Ive felt this way about cenas promos since 07..maybe even 06…basically when he be came super cena..

  • Mike Oxafloppin

    You know it’s about time that outside sources who’s opinions, like ESPN’s, are important are finally starting to mention the crap coming from Cena . It’s also nice to here that people internally in WWE are finally taking notice and scratching their heads at the whole thing.

  • Mark Newton

    Just shows how bad John Cena is at promos.

  • Kristopher Robinson