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Evan Bourne Apologizes To Fans Following Second WWE Drug Policy Violation

WWE announced Tuesday morning that Matthew Korklan, who performs as Evan Bourne, has been suspended for 60 days for his second violation of the company’s Talent Wellness Program. The Raw Superstar went on Twitter to apologize to fans for his latest infraction.

“Sorry y’all. Sometimes we become our own worst enemy,” he tweeted Tuesday afternoon.

During Sunday’s Raw Live Event at Oakland’s Oracle Center, Bourne and Kofi Kingston lost the WWE Tag Team Championship to Primo and Epico. The high-flying duo lost to the Tag Team Champions in short order in their rematch on Monday’s Raw SuperShow.

Meanwhile, former WWE announcer Todd Grisham, who now works as a news anchor for ESPN, took to Twitter to express his disappointment in the situation.

He wrote, “Shocked about Evan Bourne. Once could be chalked up to a bad decision…twice and there’s a real problem. Hope he gets well. Great guy.”

  • Phil Collins

    I guess Evan Bourne doesn’t know how to lay low ’til the heats down. I really doubt Evan is trying to get himself fired. There’s better ways to do that and also the fact that he got caught where both instances were so close together(along with the fact they Air Boom lost the titles rather quickly) has me thinking it might be a storyline. Who would be stupid enough to get caught red handed after just coming back from a suspension.

  • CenaOrtonPunk

    He probably got suspended for smoking that fake crap again. He’s a mid and low card superstar. He’s going to get suspended for every stupid little thing he does. I like Evan Bourne, just like I do Jeff Hardy. They both messed up. Big deal. Everyone goes through a rough time in life. We’re human. We all make mistakes. Forgive and forget. Just shut up.

  • Nicholas G

    Well to me action speak louder then words Mr. Evan and right now it not going surprise me a year from now or maybe sooner you get let go. I have to say WWE should have taken the tag title off the moment Evan fail the test the first time around. Why because by them having Evan keep the titles it said hey I can do this again and nothing it going to happen. I remember when he got busted the first time around he went on twitter saying I wasn’t the only one smoking. He must have had another one in his hand why he was typing. It is a different age in the WWE right now. The current WWE and World champion have proven you don’t have to do drugs anymore to be successful. Evan needs to start looking at Punk and Bryan an take notes. This is what I like about Punk and Bryan you not going find these two messing up there career.

    I just see it coming a mile away Evan Bourne before 2013 will not be on the WWE roster mark my words. Evan can’t be trusted an he needs to get his life together before he end up like Jeff Hardy, RVD, Matt Hardy and anybody else who blew there chances at being a star in the WWE.

  • venom

    This dumbass didn’t learn the first time. He just came back from his previous suspension about a month ago.

  • Wellsy


    I think you’ve completely missed the point.

    The issue isn’t that he’s done drugs. Each to their own. The issue is that he is an athlete and a public figure, and for this he gets paid very well and therefore has to follow stricter rules. If he doesn’t want that responsibility, he shouldn’t be in the job he’s in.

    It has NOTHING to do with his life choices. It’s not hypocritical if someone smokes weed to pass judgement on this (I don’t by the way). It IS hypocritical if someone in the same responsible position as Bourne passes judgement if they do the same.

    If he wants to “enjoy life” this way (your words), then he should get a job that allows him to. He needs to decide what he “enjoys” the most – smoking the whacky stuff, or being a professional wrestler in the top organisation in the world. He can’t have both, and he’s screwing up his job trying.

  • Gary

    First, people stop defending Spice, Spice can cause heart failure, i lost my best friend from him smoking spice because his job wouldnt allow him to smoe weed.

    2nd, Hulk…Fail troll, keep it up and i see a ban in your future….

    3rd,CM Prick, you have facts about members here that smoke pot and they lives? so how do you kno that all of us ‘pot heads’ “make fries for a living” because if I do, and i do smoke weed, Im the highest paid fry flipper you’ll ever meet.

    4th, Evan Bourne, When being a smoker, you make choices around your lifestyle. Jeff, Matt, Hall & Yourself havent learned, if you choose a job that drug tests and supends for drug use (real drugs or alterntives) then you cut that from your life…like the saying goes “You Made Your Bed, You Lay In It”

  • Mabry

    @ Ricardo, i completely understand your point and bloodstone’s point, what i try to say is that, if you have a job with certain rules, you just gotta respect them. I really dont care if someone else is geting drunk or stoned, its their life and their choices, as things that i do are my options, but what at least bothers me, is that these guys have the chance to do what they love and are good at, but throw it away cause they cant follow some rules. I mean, if you get caught once, thats fine, but if you go on and on and on, well, youre either dumb for not understanding what is at risk, or you simply dont care about the cosecuences and what you can loose. My intention is never to judge at a personal level, its the profesional side of it that sometime bothers me.

  • Ricardo


    I don’t think @bloodstone’s point was that it is wrong to suspend Bourne. Those are the rules, he signed the contract, so he has to accept the suspension. The point is people coming to these sites and saying “oh he’s a screw up”, “oh, he’s retarded”, “oh, Jeff Hardy is a screwup”. The mot interesting people I know drink, smoke, do drugs, jaywalk, or do anything else society sees as “wrong” – it’s their business. All of us who have even just a tiny bit of human compassion get sick at this pious retards who come out of its basement to pass judgement on them. These idiotic, writing abortions are either hypocrites who do the same in silence, or jealous of those who actually enjoy life.

  • Mabry

    @ bloodstone, the difference between normal guys that post stuff here and Bourne is that he has a job with rules, and doing drugs is one of those rules. Just like any other ethlete on practicaly any other sport. The rest of us dont have that sort of rules at work, but if any of us get drunk or stoned to work, no matter what that job is, youre gonna get fired most likely, not suspended, but fired.

  • Starship Pain

    He’s a dumbass. He’s given a second chance, he still was tag team champ when he failed the first time. That means WWE believed in him, and said “Well, don’t get in trouble again, Evan” but there he goes again, using that synthetic shit… So disappointing…

  • Pakk

    @hulk me up you have no sence of humor so give it up stop acting gay

  • Devil_Rising

    Sad thing is, even if he doesn’t get fired, he’ll likely never be pushed again after this.

  • Devil_Rising

    For Christ’s sake Borne. He got it the first time for smoking “synthetic marijuana”. What now? Something equally retarded? People need to learn that if you want to be in a business like this, you REALLY need to give up the pot, quit popping pills, etc.

    For ANY sport, exhibition or otherwise, you should be drug free. Period.

  • bloodstone

    wonder how many on here booze it up every day but yet bitch when somebody smokes a little weed same old same old

  • chronoxiong

    Stop “flying high” Evan. You should go hangout with RVD and not Kofi Kingston.

  • CM Prick

    Unlike the rest of you potheads, Bourne has a high-paying job with rule and standards. He has to follow those rules to keep his high-paying job. He doesn’t have to make fries for a living like you do.

  • Wellsy

    @ MJ

    I always find it amusing when someone invents their own little audience to have an argument with. You are the first person to comment on this story, and thus are the only one to mention Jeff Hardy. You’d probably find that most people think that Jeff is a huge screw up.

    As for Evan, people shouldn’t be “cutting him slack” at all. He knows the rules and knows what he is and isn’t allowed to do. He’s failed twice. If he wants to play by different rules, then he shouldn’t be in WWE. Same as someone in the NFL shouldn’t be there if they wanna smoke pot and do drugs all the time. He’s lucky it’s only 60 days.

  • Stevie P


    I don’t think it’s a good idea to go this way into being released. Not many people want druggies (insert random TNA wrestler joke here).

  • Justin Sane

    Evan may just be playing this smart. He’s probably doing this on purpose to be released because he knows that the WWE isn’t gonna use him properly. That’s just my opinion, ya know?

  • DuffManLovesHimSomeWrestling

    Evan will be back to the job squad… If hes lucky.

  • Mark

    I dont believe it, hes done it again!!!! Last chance for him now. get a grip Evan or release him WWE. my patience for these wrestlers being suspended is wearing thin

  • CC

    @MJ .. how often do you visit these boards? Cause last time I looked, most people on here think Jeff is a massive fuck up and should have gone to jail.

  • No1coleminer

    watch evan be reBOURNE and repacked as ziggler and ortons love child, all in time for a mania show down.

    i do wonder though when wwe will start doing ‘worked’ wellness fails into storylines, so they dont have to always be injured to get time off

  • So the guy smoke a little weed get off his ass

  • Stashathan


  • austin316

    So this is twice now? Hmmm..seems like he doesnt only fly high in the ring..

  • MJ

    For the people who judge evan bourne on how he messes up time and time again alot of you dumbasses cheer jeff hardy after he fucks up time and time again! Hell i bet you cheer him because he was a big star but he failed wellness test alot worst then bourne and i dont see bourne selling drugs and getting arrested so give the man a break! YOU HARDY MARKS DEFEND HIS ASS EVERY FUCKING MINTUE HE FUCKS UP BUT YOU DONT DO THE SAME FOR BOURNE!. I for one wish him and hope he can get past this. But he’s going to TNA for sure