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Evan Bourne Comments on Recovery, Hornswoggle Update, Roberts Turns 57, Shane McMahon

– WWE Legend Jake “The Snake” Roberts turns 57 years old today.

– Shane McMahon’s YOU On Demand company will begin publicly trading today on the NASDAQ market.

– Hornswoggle celebrated a birthday this week and it sounds like they had an off-camera celebration for him after last night’s SmackDown tapings. He wrote on Twitter:

“Thanks to @johncena for what you did after the cameras stopped rolling tonight! Never thought in a million years that I wouldve gotten that!”

– Evan Bourne wrote the following injury update on Tuesday:

“Took another xray today. Things are progressing as planned. Another step in the right direction! Might even be off these crutches soon!”

  • Jon-Jon

    Try crushing your foot and being back in a few months..

  • Turn Off The Dark

    @Maxwell No…just no. Doctors usually NEVER know an exact day because people tend to heal very differently. Not everyone’s body works the same way.

  • Maxwell

    I think Bourne is faking the injury. I have a feeling he was on other drugs right after he was suspended, and is using this injury as an excuse to allow time to go by to get the drugs out of his system, and didnt want to risk getting caught because it would be his 3rd suspention, which is WWE leads to firing. Therefore when he is tested nothing will come up, because it has been some time now since he has made plans to return. Docters usually know an exact day when an injury will be better, etc. I understand that he really was hurt, and had an injury, but not for this long. BOURNE, my advice :GET HIGH, OR GET WWE pick one!

  • SYM

    Do I even want to know what Cena did for Mini Me?