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Evan Bourne Possibly Done with WWE After Suspension

Former WWE tag team champion Evan Bourne is currently serving a 60-day suspension for his second violation of the company’s Wellness Policy.

While Bourne would be cleared to return to action in March, a report on suggests that Bourne could be done with the company for good.

No official decision has been made yet, but “a number of WWE sources” have indicated that Bourne will not be brought back.

Bourne’s first violation of the Wellness Policy was reportedly a result of him using synthetic marijuana (“spice”), which is a banned substance in WWE.

Bourne’s latest violation is said to be a result of something “completely unrelated” to his first situation.

  • venom

    I hope they fire him at this point.

  • Mark

    Lets just wait and see what happens shall we???

  • Tombstone

    ^^^^ Did not hear about the dark match. Not saying it didnt happen just that I did not hear about it, But yeah I also thought he retired. Seen him a few months back on the Lizzard Lick repo show getting his car repoed. LOL Yeah I know it was a re-enactment.

  • Pissed Off Fan =(

    This is very off topic, do you guys remeber hearing that Jamie Noble wrestled the other week in a dark match? I thought he retired? JW

  • Devil_Rising

    This just in….DUH!!!

  • Tom… Just Tom

    Goodbye Evan Bourne… WELCOME BACK, MATT SYDAL!!!

  • @cc can’t disagrre but garunteed if he’s gos back his career won’t go anywher I mean shit he lost the tag titles at a house show for christ sake if he’s goes back hell be miserable and when your miserable doing something you love there’s something wrong

  • CC

    Yeah, why go back to the company that would pay him more than any other.

  • I honestly don’t blame bourne why got back to the company if your just going to be in the doghouse

  • jackson

    Maybe THAT’S why he always has that stupid smile on his face…. he’s in the clouds. Put a mask on him and he’ll be a stud. Plus it’s tough to smoke through a mask. Win win.

  • CC

    This wouldnt be the first time we have read reports of inside sources saying someone is done after a suspension … look at Sin Cara and how many reports we read that he was being let go, and Hunico would replace him permanently, and what happened there again?

    Any reports like this are taken with a pinch of salt.

    The whole point of stories like this is that there is always a chance one will end up being true, but its all a matter of pot luck rather than genuine insider knowledge.

  • item

    if gets releasd and the 90days is on this means he wont be on tv for 5 months maybe he’ll go to tna and change hes gimmik idk still they could bring him back but we’re in 2012 it aint the 90’s when the internet was just getin by and if someone got to be on the shelf you wouldnt even know all of the “univers” allready knows about why they lost the title why he aint on tv and prob why hes not coming back to the wwe tv

  • Tyler(:

    @CenaOrtonPunk Treated like crap? being allowed to keep his championship while suspended, and appearing on Smackdown/Raw/Superstars nearly everyweek and getting a good fan reaction.

    Bourne’s a jackass, I’ve lost all respect for him and hope he ends up somewhere lower than ROH/TNA.


  • Pissed Off Fan =(

    I am not surprised that they wont bring him back. Since this was his second time in a span of like 3 months. =( but i bet anyting hell up in TNA or Japan or ROH?

  • Nicholas

    @ CenaOrtonPunk he was just in the tag team divison an they work looking to use AirBoom to help the divison. Plus they were nice nough to not take the tag title off of so what more do you want. Don’t blame WWE at all for what happen to Evan this is all on him. I mean really how smart is it to get busted twice in a short amount of time.

    I say fire the punk. I mean he show no signs of changing an there will be better talent. You got two good champions right now to show you don’t have to do drugs to get to the top. It time to stop making excuess for these junkies. It is a personal chocie and I will always see it as that. I don’t blame WWE nor TNA. The only problem I really have with tna is that they never take action to help out the junkies. Rather if it is to send them to rehab, suspen

  • Rob

    Bourne vs Styles.. EPIC!!

    I’ve always liked bourne, hes a class act (outside of the drug use).

  • ##

    A return to ROH would be better for Bourne than TNA.

  • CenaOrtonPunk

    Isn’t he trying to get fired on purpose? That’s what I read..
    If that’s true, it’s probably because he’s tired of being treated like crap just because he’s not a top card superstar.
    It’s a shame that the WWE doesn’t recognize real talent when they have it..
    He’s on the Future Endeavored List.. I can feel it..
    Hopefully, if that happens.. he’ll go to TNA. He’d make a great X-Division Champion.

  • Bill

    With an intentional violation of the policy to apparently just get suspended, I’m not going to be too upset if Bourne leaves.

  • bb

    he go tna and get high w RVD

  • CiB

    @ zach

    Or Middleton might be quoting someone.

  • zach

    I love how the facts are in quotes so there is no real truth to this bullcrap “report”

  • Tazz

    He’s a great talent, but rules are there for a reason. Hope he gets his act together and turns himself around. Maybe a run in TNA could work for him, he would be a great addition to the X-Division.