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Evan Bourne’s Suspension Period Ends, Details On WWE’s Three Strike Policy

Evan Bourne’s sixty-day suspension for his second violation of WWE’s Talent Wellness Program expired on Saturday. He is therefore eligible to resume performing for the organization again.

After dropping the WWE Tag Team Championship to Epico and Primo on January 15, 2012 at a live event, WWE announced two days later that Bourne had been suspended for 60 days due to his non-compliance with their drug testing policy. He was first suspended on November 1, 2011 for a drug test failure for Spice, a marijuana substitute. According to, his second infraction was ‘for something completely unrelated to the first.’

Bourne will face stringent drug testing following his second suspension as the policy states that a WWE talent who tests positive will be tested a minimum of twelve times for a period of one year. According to the terms of the policy, a third violation would result in his contract being terminated. Regarding the eligibility of a talent returning to the organization following a third strike, it is possible after one year. WWE says: “A WWE Talent who is terminated by the WWE for a third violation will be prohibited from returning to the WWE for at least one year. Before a possible return, the WWE Talent must test negative for all prohibited substances under the Policy during a pre-contract screening. If they pass the pre-contract screening and are approved to return, the WWE Talent must undergo mandatory unannounced testing for at least one year after the execution of the new contract. The WWE Talent will return with two strikes on his/her record.”

In addition to Bourne, Booker T and William Regal have two Wellness strikes under their belt.

  • ogitchida

    Damn Booker just came back to the WWE and already got two strikes….. send’em back to T.N.A. already…

  • JIR

    It really sounds like a fair and understandable drug policy.
    They won’t fire Bourne they will honor his contract and wait till he strikes out so they don’t have to pay some sort of severance

  • T-Rob

    I dont know how they can expect wrestlers to test negative for all substances, I mean they are Wrestlers look what they do to their body constantly.

  • dxfan

    So does this mean we can expect Evan Bourne to return as an announcer like Booker and Regal?