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Evan Bourne’s Suspension Period Ends, WWE Paying Tribute To Rebel Wrestlers

— Evan Bourne’s thirty-day suspension for his first violation of WWE’s Talent Wellness Program has expired. Therefore, he is now eligible to resume performing for the organization.

WWE announced on November 1, 2011 that the WWE Tag Team Champion had been suspended for thirty days due to his non-compliance with their drug testing policy.

Bourne, who’s real name is Matthew Korklan, was suspended after reportedly testing positive for Spice, a synthetic marijuana brand.

— WWE Classics On Demand pays tribute to rebel wrestlers such as Brian Pillman, Superstar Billy Graham, D-Generation X, “Stone Cold” Steve Austin and “Rowdy” Roddy Piper in January with “Rebel Rumblings.” Click here for a video preview.

— Former WWE Diva Trinity turns 40 years old Thursday. She joined the revived ECW brand in June 2006 but was released a year later.

  • poko

    Oh, they meant story-line rebels. I was confused for a moment.

  • Bill

    Wouldn’t pay for that classics thing if it talks about DX moments from 2006-2010.

  • Tim

    If they have long term plans for a championship, they’ll drop the title. Like when Trish (as Womens Champ) took 5 months off without one mention of the 30 days to defend clause. Since the tag team division is a joke, they probably just figured they’d ignore it and just have him return like nothing happened. Good ‘ol Vince!

  • PinkSinCara

    Good. Now Brodus Clay can destroy that skinny little pothead

  • KpNuttzLol

    As much as I like Bourne, he should have dropped the tag titles, it would have been unfair on Kofi but they could have made an angle where he picked a new partner (like Jericho did) or have someone hold his space for the time being. Afterall Morrison dropped the ECW Title, Umaga dropped the IC title, Jeff Hardy dropped the Ic Title but then again that just shows how worthless the titles actually are now since it doesn’t matter when they are defended.

  • stockshark

    Rebel wrestlers I like that theme better have Bruiser Brody and Stan Hansen on that list.

  • stockshark

    Did he get his stuff from Matt or Jeff? Matt is always a little light so buy from Jeff! Just looking out for ya Evan!

  • Edo. Risk

    @ Venom. (Y)

    He should have been forced to defend the TT CH. and loose to anyone, specially with a “tag team” managed by Vickey Guerrero who is super friend to John Laringuitis who in not very fond of the faces in RAW…

    Oportunity lost.

  • venom

    I think Air Boom should have dropped the tag titles before Bourne’s suspension. It was weird seeing Kofi on both shows with the one tag title.

  • Cakes

    Well it looks like the unpredictable classic WWE booking will be at it again on Raw next week. Swagger vs Kingston with kofi getting the win, then dolph comes down to attack him and swagger and dolph beginning double teaming him until Bourne makes the save with absolute no mention as to why he’s been absent the last month of programming

  • jack

    soooo the tag titles havent been defended in 30 days… r-truth would say, wat a joke!!!!

  • Tyler(:

    Someone said Usos is fresh?

  • MJ

    im so happy wwe is finally showing brian pillman

  • Tombstonepiledriver

    Glad Evan is back, now lets just hope he keeps it clean. Next will be Michael Cole, Yeah they gonna find out he is addicted to viagra and thats why he is such a dickhead.

  • Snark Mark

    It was kinda shitty that Bourne was allowed to remain tag team champ for the entirety of his suspension. It would have been unfair to take Kofi off TV for the same 30 days, but it was also strange to see 1 half of the tt champs showing up on Raw and SD! with no mention of his partner. Hopefully AirBoom will start a program and drop the titles to a fresher tag team like the Usos or the new Hispanic stable.

  • venom

    So Bourne’s suspension is now over, and R-turth’s just started. Who’s next????

  • E – Bourne

    Look…yes I took marijuana. That has NO impact at all with my wrestling. Hell, it’s good substance to use in the medical practice. So it’s BS that WWE would suspend me. I’m glad to be back though and have fans still sticking with me